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Saltdogs eclipse

Lincoln Saltdogs pitcher Derek Gordon (left) and his fiancee, Tarrah Bossert, don their solar glasses as the solar eclipse nears totality during Monday's game at Haymarket Park.

J.R. Bunda whipped out his phone during the middle of the third inning and went live on Instagram so his family in Hawaii and friends around the world could experience the same thing as 6,956 fans at Haymarket Park experienced Monday — a solar eclipse.

For many Saltdogs players, who defeated Gary Southshore 8-5, it was the first time they had experienced the natural phenomenon.

“I think the biggest thing being from Hawaii, everyone back home is not part of the mainland of the United States, so they can't get that same experience, maybe they can, but they are a little farther away than the path of totality,” Bunda said.

Monday's contest was delayed for 26 minutes so fans could watch the eclipse take shape just above the Haymarket Park outfield.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us,” Bunda said. “To be one of the six professional baseball teams to be playing during this time and in a historic event where people all over the world are coming to this area. We all just tried to soak it in.”