Trout anglers are continuing their mission to complete the Nebraska Trout Slam. And there is no better time than in the fall.

This challenge, which the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission began in the spring of 2018, encourages anglers to catch a brook, brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout in Nebraska to complete the slam and earn a certificate and pin. It could take a day, several weeks or a few months.

Since most of Nebraska’s year-round, cold-water trout fisheries are found in the northern and western parts of the state, it means lots of driving for many but also opportunities to visit new and scenic places.

“Many of our cold-water streams are not large, but they are found in some of the prettiest country in the state, and the trout swimming in those waters are some of the prettiest, too,” said Daryl Bauer, Game and Parks’ fisheries outreach program manager. “We wanted to challenge Nebraska anglers to get out there and find those places.”

Bauer says fall is an ideal time to fish for trout.

“In the fall, the weather cools and it is much more comfortable to hike along exploring and fishing one of our trout streams,” he said. “The bugs are gone and some of the brush, grass and weeds will have died back, making it easier to walk and fish.”

Then there are the fall colors.

“Throw in the fact that brown trout and brook trout are fall spawners, and those beautiful fish are even more spectacular in their fall spawning colors,” Bauer said.

In addition, a trout fishing trip also can include hunts for upland or big game to become a true Nebraska outdoor adventure.

Since late August cutthroat trout have been stocked in the Panhandle in the White River, Wood Reserve Ponds, Middle Fork of Soldier Creek, Carter P. Johnson Lake, Chadron State Park Pond, Bridgeport State Recreation Area Middle Lake, and the Alliance golf course pond. In northeastern Nebraska, cutthroats were stocked in the Grove Lake Wildlife Management Area sandpit. Later in the fall, rainbow trout will be stocked in lakes, pits and urban ponds across the state.

To find Nebraska waters that contain trout, view the map at OutdoorNebraska.gov/TroutSlam.

Seven anglers completed the Trout Slam in 2018 and seven others so far this year. To join those ranks, visit OutdoorNebraska.gov/TroutSlam and learn more about the Trout Slam.

“The main idea behind the Trout Slam is to challenge Nebraska anglers to experience the many cold-water fisheries the state offers,” Bauer said.

Jerry Kane is a public information officer at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Contact him at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov.


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