Nebraska head coach Mike Riley met with the media Monday to recap the disappointing performance against Minnesota and turning attention to Penn State. Click more for time cues.

Big, big job ahead 00:25 Injuries 01:55 Penn State 03:18 Tanner Lee's status 03:48 Patrick O'Brien 04:55 When did Lee’s concussion happen 05:39 Injury situation 05:58 Defense breakdown 07:44 Did the team quit? 09:03 Where do you start in fixing? 10:10 Quotable 11:35 Fortifying the defense 11:53 Timeouts at end of Minnesota game 13:16 Emergency QB options 14:55 O-line 15:24 Michael Decker being out 16:12 O'Brien using his legs 18:13 Different playcalling with O'Brien? 20:17 On Penn State QB McSorely 20:38 On PSU RB Saquon Barkley 21:14 Expectations of the O-line going in 22:10 Offensive balance 23:30 Creating pressure defensively 24:29 Boe Wilson at FB 25:16 Final stretch 26:00 Message to fans 27:16 Opportunity to save season? 28:08 How to get team to believe 28:30

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