Coach Steve Sarkisian: "I think first of all, I'm happy for our team. You know, we've been through a lot this year. These guys could probably tell you even more so, but we've been through a lot and we've had a couple just excruciating losses, and to come out tonight and win at the very end, the way we always try to make it exciting!"

QB Cody Kessler: "Yeah, I'm absolutely coming back. I told Sark, and I told some of the guys, and my family knew. My main thing was I didn't want to take way from the bowl game."

DE Leonard Williams on Nebraska's comeback: "I would say that we played through a lot of adversity and a lot of ups and downs. I would say that I trust in these guys to fight through the whole game. That's our motto, 'Fight On,' and I trust my guys next to me to finish the game strong, even when it was coming tight there at the end, I still believed in my teammates."

Sarkisian on NU's last play: "We've been through it. We got JuJu (Smith) and Nelson (Agholor) on the field. Nelson made a heck of a play to go attack the football. At the end of the day, I mean, you can only get burned so many times, I guess, you know?"