Recruiting is stressful work, just ask any college coach.

Sometimes it can be fun, too.

Particularly so if pheasant hunting is involved.

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost and defensive coordinator Erik Chinander were both on a visit to Chamberlain, South Dakota, to see three-star defensive line commit Nash Hutmacher that included a trip out to shoot some birds rather than sitting around a living room reeling off a recruiting pitch.


“There are a lot of birds up there,” Frost said with a grin. “Probably my favorite in-home visit ever. We walked into a shed and looked at a bunch of whitetail antlers and some other hunting paraphernalia. We had something to eat and talked for a while, went out and walked a quarter-mile strip of uncut milo and limited out (on pheasants).

“Went home and hugged and we got back on the plane.”

Not only that, Erik Chinander said, but when they arrived at their next stop — outside linebacker Blaise Gunnerson’s family home in Carroll, Iowa — Mrs. Gunnerson had big steaks already cooked and ready for dinner.

“Probably my best visits I’ve been on, ever,” Chinander said Wednesday afternoon.

Good eats can be found anywhere, not just in the form of a home-cooked meal.

Asked Wednesday about the culinary highlights of his two weeks on the road, running backs coach Ryan Held said In-N-Out in Texas with signee Will Nixon was narrowly edged out by blackened scallops in South Florida while visiting Marvin Scott III.

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