Doane vs. Nebraska, 10.30

Nebraska guard Jervay Green celebrates his second-half dunk against Doane Wednesday at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

With an almost completely remade roster, it makes sense to try and get to know everyone as well as possible. So we asked all 16 players on Nebraska's roster a handful of questions to get an idea of what they are like, and what they think of their new teammates.


F, 6-6, 190, Fr.

Hometown: Omaha.

Biggest strength: “Running the floor, playing defense, getting rebounds. I think that’s where I’m at on this team right now. Doing the little things, getting on the floor, hustle plays. I think that’s where my role is right now.”

What do you want to improve? “Ball-handling and shooting. Just trying to get the offense down. I’m going to have to play a variety of different positions from the 2 to the 4.”

Hidden talent: “Singing.”

Best defender: “I’d say Dachon.”

Best rebounder: “Dalano, he gets a lot of rebounds.”

Best dunker: “I’d say me.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Cam is pretty tough, Dalano is really tough, and Samari.”


F, 6-8, 240, Fr.

Hometown: Little Rock, Ark.

Biggest strength: “I can do everything. I really don’t have a main strength.”

What do you want to improve? “My weakness is probably my feet. Moving my feet on defense.”

Hidden talent: “Video games. (NBA) 2K.”

Best defender: “Probably Haanif.”

Best rebounder: “Myself.”

Best dunker: “That’d be between Akol and Jervay. And Shamiel.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Probably Burke.”


G, 6-2, 175, So.

Hometown: Austin, Texas.

Biggest strength: “Definitely just play-making. Getting my team the ball, making sure everybody’s in the right spot, and also making sure I’m good on the court as well.”

What do you want to improve? “Biggest weakness got to be shooting. I can shoot the ball, but I just feel like I can be a better shooter and just be more consistent.”

Hidden talent: “I can rap.”

Best defender: “Dachon Burke.”

Best rebounder: “Yvan.”

Best dunker: “We got a lot, but I’m the best dunker.”

Toughest guy to guard: “I would say me, I would say Dalano, Samari, Dachon and Jervay.”


G, 6-6, 245, So.

Hometown: Toronto.

Biggest strength: “Honestly, just my versatility, because I can do everything, and I’ve got size to guard multiple positions and speed to guard multiple positions. I wouldn’t say I have just one crazy strength, but I can do a little of everything.”

What do you want to work on? “I don’t know if I have a crazy weakness either. Everything could always use some work. There’s always room for improvement. That’s how I look at my game.”

Hidden talent: “I don’t really do too much.”

Best defender: “Dachon.”

Best rebounder: “I would say me.”

Best dunker: “Me.”

Toughest guy to guard: “It depends. In certain situations I would say Cam is up there, I’m up there, Jervay is up there, Dachon’s up there too. In the paint Yvan’s up there, too.”


G, 6-4, 180, Jr.

Hometown: Orange, N.J.

Biggest strength: “My heart. I feel like, without my heart, I wouldn’t be here.”

What do you want to improve? “Just everything. Just trying to get my game better. Trying to improve my shot. I don’t think my game is ever going to be perfect. But my jump shot, I want to get it to the point that I don’t miss. I want perfection.”

Hidden talent: “It’s not really a talent, but I know how to shop, basically. Like high-end sneakers, I know how to find a great price. I’m very intelligent when it comes to buying sneakers.”

Best defender: “Oh, me.”

Best rebounder: “Derrick Walker.”

Best dunker: “Shamiel is definitely No. 1.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Me! I have to say me.”


F, 6-8, 235, Jr.

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.

Biggest strength: “My mental game, and my physicality. I think I know the game, and I can be very physical.”

What do you want to improve? “Just consistency. Just consistency in everything I do.”

Hidden talent: “I’m an easy going person. I’m not as mean as my exterior looks.”

Best defender: “Probably Dachon Burke. He’s a rat on the ball. He doesn’t stop. And that’s what we need, someone to be a pest.”

Best rebounder: “Me, of course.”

Best dunker: “Me, of course.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Once again, probably me.”


G, 6-4, 190, Fr.

Hometown: Xenia, Ohio.

Biggest strength: “Scoring, of course. I scored a lot of points in high school, so scoring comes naturally. It’s not that hard to get a bucket.”

What do you want to work on? “Moving without the ball. I’ve had the ball in my hands my whole life, Coming here and playing with guys like Cam Mack and Jervay Green, you’ve got to learn to move without the ball.”

Hidden talent: “Video games. That’s my thing. Madden.”

Best defender: “For sure Dachon Burke. His motor is crazy. I’ve never seen him tired.”

Best rebounder: “Definitely Yvan.”

Best dunker: “Definitely Shamiel.”


G, 6-4, 175, Fr.

Hometown: Omaha.

Biggest strength: “Shooting, for sure.”

What do you want to improve? “Just trying to work on getting stronger and more physical, because that’s what you need at the next level.”

Hidden talent: “I’m a good singer.”

Best defender: “Dachon. Just because he’s always going 100%.”

Best rebounder: “Probably Yvan or Derrick. The two biggest dudes.”

Best dunker: “Definitely Shamiel. He gets up high.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Samari’s pretty hard to guard.”

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G, 6-5, 195, Sr.

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Biggest strength: “Making plays for my teammates, getting to the rim, knocking down open shot.”

What do you want to improve? “Being consistent, knocking down open threes.”

Hidden talent: “Cooking.”

Best defender: “Burke.”

Best rebounder: “Shamiel.”

Best dunker: “Shamiel.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Me. Versatile.”


G, 6-3, 210, Jr.

Hometown: Denver.

Biggest strength: “If it was juco I would say scoring, clearly, but when you get here I’m opened up to new things and coach puts me in different positions. I can shoot it a little better, passing. If I had to choose one I would say passing.”

What do you want to improve? “Shooting. Shooting and rebounding.”

Hidden talent: “I can dance.”

Best defender: “Definitely Dachon Burke. He’s playing from here (points to one baseline), all the way down there (point to the opposite baseline).”

Best rebounder: “I would say Derrick, but since he’s not playing I’ll say Yvan.”

Best dunker: “Akol and Shamiel. I can get up, but them two dudes, they be getting up. One time, Shamiel blocked Akol, and when I tell you it’s the best thing I’ve seen in my life, because they were both so high. It was kind of ridiculous.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Cam Mack. He’s too quick.”


F, 6-9, 260, Fr.

Hometown: Bordeaux, France.

Biggest strength: “I think I can bring a high level of intensity, I can handle the ball for my size and finish.”

What do you want to improve? “My three-point shot. I’ve improved a lot on my three-point shot, but I can still get better.”

Hidden talent: “I am good to make cake.”

Best defender: “Dachon Burke. Really tough.”

Best rebounder: “Me.”

Best dunker: “Shamiel.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Cam or Jervay. Cam is really quick, Jervay has a lot of skill.”


G, 6-8, 205, Sr.

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Biggest strength: “I think my biggest strength is my shooting, but I can do other things.”

Biggest weakness: “There’s not one specifically. I’m just trying to be better in all areas of the game, all the time.”

Hidden talent: “I can play soccer solid.”

Best defender: “Hard to say. We have a couple really good defenders.”

Best rebounder: “I think Yvan.”

Best dunker: “I think Dalano’s a pretty good dunker because he’s pretty long. He does it pretty easy.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Toughest might be Burke.”


G, 6-2, 190, Fr.

Hometown: Lincoln.

Biggest strength: “Shooting ability.”

What do you want to improve? “Just kind of get overall more explosive, and work on my handles right now.”

Hidden talent: “I can play a little bit of piano.”

Best defender: “I’d probably have to say Dachon Burke. Motor never stops.”

Best rebounder: “Yvan.”

Best dunker: “I’m gonna have to go Shamiel. Shamiel, Akol or Jervay.”

Toughest guy to guard: “Cam Mack. So quick with the ball.”


G, 6-6, 206, Jr.

Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland.

Biggest strength: “I feel like I see the big picture, see a bunch of different things.”

What do you want to improve? “Always just getting quicker, better, especially on the defensive end.”

Hidden talent: “Very good at juggling.”

Best defender: “Burke.”

Best rebounder: “Derrick, especially on the offensive end.”

Best dunker: “Shamiel.”

Toughest guy to guard: “I’m only going to give diplomatic answers. All have different strengths.”


F, 6-6, 215, Fr.

Hometown: Omaha.

Biggest strength: “I think my biggest strength is just making everybody better at all times. Talking and helping, just putting the team first for everything.”

What do you want to improve? “Just continuing to get in the gym, get shots up, get in the weight room and get in better shape; it will all help me in the long run.”

Hidden talent: “I sound pretty good when I sing in the shower, maybe that. I’m pretty good at video games, too.”

Best defender: “Depends who really wants to show up in practice. Jervay can really get out and guard when he wants to. When he gets that fire in his eyes, he’s pretty damn good.”

Best rebounder: “I gotta go with Yvan. He might get away with some pushes in the back every once in a while, but he does a good job.”

Best dunker: “It’s either Akol or Shamiel.”

Toughest guy to guard: “I think probably Dachon Burke. He’s just so quick and he can shoot it pretty well so you can’t lay off him.”


G, 6-8, 195, So.

Hometown: Toronto.

Biggest strength: “I feel like I have a good feel for the game, so getting other people involved as well as myself.”

What do you want to improve? “I want to play point guard, so trying to keep shorter, faster guards out of the lane is something I need to work on. Jump shooting, been working on that a lot too.”

Hidden talent: “I’m really good in 2K and Fortnite.”

Best defender: “On ball, probably Dachon.”

Best rebounder: “I don’t know. We’re just trying to get everyone better. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

Best dunker: “Me, Jervay, Shamiel.”

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