Daimion Stafford

How many Huskers will get drafted?

This is always a difficult guessing game for casual observers of the process like myself. Usually the best practice for me is to not guess at all.

But I do wonder if a streak might be in jeopardy this year.

You'd have to go back to the 1969 NFL Draft to find the last time at least three Huskers were not picked.

That's 43 straight drafts of Nebraska having at least a trio of players get the big phone call. (Just for the curious, 1962 was the last year Nebraska had no players drafted.)

Sure, the draft used to have more rounds than the seven rounds that exist now. But even when adding that detail to the equation you'd have to go back to 1991 to find the last time Nebraska did not have at least three players taken in the first seven rounds.

And since pointing out that '91 draft, it should be noted that Bruce Pickens and Mike Croel both made a bang by going in the first round that year.

So what about this year? Rex Burkhead certainly should have a spot. Maybe fourth or fifth round? Just a guess. Burkhead, who tested well in five categories at the NFL combine, will try to better his 40 time of 4.73 seconds at the Pro Day to help his stock.

Wherever Burkhead goes, he's no doubt coming off the board at some point. Who else joins him?

Kicker Brett Maher had a very good combine, but NFL teams can be cautious about drafting kickers, though it does seem to have become more common in recent years.

Daimion Stafford (pictured) was the other Husker at the combine, though most of his numbers did not stack up near the top with other safeties. Did he do enough to get drafted in the late rounds?

Help from others might be needed. That brings us to Pro Day. It's Thursday at the Hawks Championship Center.

Can some of the Huskers who weren't invited to the combine -- Eric Martin, Ben Cotton, Kyler Reed, Will Compton and Cameron Meredith among them -- make a big impression and work their way into draft consideration?

Of course, whether a players gets drafted or doesn't is not the end of the story. Making the draft can be a boost since the team maybe has something extra invested into you -- both financially and PR-wise -- by putting you on their short list of draft acquisitions. And it's no doubt special to hear your name called.

But just getting into a camp is the important thing. Do that and you've got your chance.

And some might argue there are certain advantages to free agency over getting drafted late -- the chief one being that you can potentially have a say in picking a team that might have needs at your position.

But that's getting off the subject.

Will at least three Huskers get drafted?

Some impressive Pro Day showings might be needed to make it happen.


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