Rich Fisher

Former Husker assistant Rich Fisher celebrates a touchdown by Quincy Enunwa against Ohio State in 2011.

Three things to watch/think about heading into the long weekend:

1. You're perhaps aware of Nebraska's interest in former Washington wide receiver De'morea Stringfellow. Make no mistake about the Husker coaching staff's strong desire to land the former four-star recruit. Think of the 6-foot-3, 229-pound Stringfellow as a faster version of Quincy Enunwa. Stringfellow, who caught 20 passes as a true freshman at UW, reportedly is interested in Nebraska. Is NU's upper-level athletic administration prepared to sign off on Stringfellow's transfer, in the wake of his legal issues? I'm told by two sources that the administration's hesitancy may be an issue. Stay tuned.

2. Nebraska baseball coach Darin Erstad did something interesting during Thursday night's post-game news conference. Seated to his right were three of his players, including third baseman Jake Placzek. Placzek's sunglasses were pulled up over the bill of his cap, obscuring the 'N.' Erstad noticed, rose from his seat, walked a few steps over to Placzek and removed the sunglasses. Erstad did it quietly and quickly. Nobody thought much of it, or so it seemed.

After the news conference, I asked Erstad why he removed the shades.

"Because that's the 'N,'" Erstad said. "It's for the Huskers. We're not sponsored by a sunglasses company."

Details, details, details. The good coaches pay attention to everything.

If you're a Husker fan, you have to like Erstad's respect for the 'N.'

3. I included the following thoughts in a column for Saturday:

Yes, Erstad is regarded as a classic grinder. Mr. Intensity. But he has a light side. I think that's important to emphasize. There is no way Nebraska would be able to pull off so many late-inning rallies if Erstad's players were gripping their bats too tightly and not enjoying themselves.

"He'll joke around," Placzek said. "It keeps us loose. That actually helps a lot in certain situations."

Situations such as Thursday's triumph before a crowd of 11,756.

"Nerves were kind of high," Placzek said. "I think the only other time I saw a big crowd like that was when I watched the regional in Lincoln in 2005. But Coach Erstad keeps us smiling. He's awesome."

See ya at the ballpark.


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