Jordan Westerkamp

We've inched closer to the real stuff. Wednesday's practice is in the books. Husker assistants were available after it's completion.

We'll get it started with some nuggets from wide receivers coach Rich Fisher.

*Taariq Allen has been one of those wide receivers Husker fans have been anxious to see perform, especially after he drew rave reviews on the scout team last year.

Well, Fisher said you'll see him Saturday against Southern Miss.

"He'll get an opportunity to get in the game," Fisher said. "How much he plays, we'll play it by ear. We'll see. I think he's definitely made enough strides to earn some playing time. I'm going to play the guys that obviously have earned it out here in fall camp."

Allen did get nicked up about a week-and-a-half ago and missed about three or four days. But Fisher said he's back 100 percent now.

* Nothing has been finalized in regards to what the Huskers will do with Jordan Westerkamp (pictured), but the wide receiver has been working some on scout team lately which suggests you probably wouldn't see him Saturday.

"If we feel like he can help us this season and do it better than somebody else, then we'll play him," Fisher said. "So I don't want to put a 'he is' or 'he isn't going to play' (answer) right now because in all honestly he's done a great job, and he's preparing himself to play. But he also understands that we have a lot of depth.

"Like Taariq last year had an opportunity to play, but he probably would have been sixth or seventh in the rotation. And it's really not fair to the kid and maybe do what Quincy (Enunwa) did his freshman year and maybe get just one catch and play minimal amount of snaps. If I'm going to not redshirt a guy, I want him in there playing a lot."

* The junior Enunwa is "a completely different person" confidence-wise after playing last year, Fisher said.

"Last year I think what you saw is a guy that as a season came on became real confident in himself," Fisher said. "Quincy is a well-rounded guy. He has tremendous hands, great strength, he's a physical guy. You kind of see it every day. His confidence is growing and growing."

* About blocking, Fisher didn't want to say who the best blocking receiver was, but said the group as a whole "takes a lot of pride in that."

Fisher said there are going to be some new categories added to the point system the coach uses with to keep track of his receivers beyond just the passes they catch.

"The guys are excited for that. They were talking about the (points) board the other day, and what we're going to add and what we're going to call things. So it means they really bought in.

"And it's kind of cool, because about halfway through the season they'd come off the field and they'd be talking about points they got on that drive. So it's not just about getting up and going and making a play, but they're out there competing not only against the guys they're going up against but against themselves. And that's when you really get a good group."

* Fisher said he has a rotation at the position in mind but doesn't want to give it away just now. He said there are about six or seven names that he feels pretty comfortable with right now.

Fisher said he has no problems playing a lot of guys.

"As fast-paced as we are, and how we work our tempos, obviously the more the merrier," Fisher said. "You're going to play based on your production. And you're production happens in practice. It doesn't just happen in a game. And if you're going to do it in practice, you're going to do it in a game. If you're not out there producing on a week-to-basis then somebody else is going to get an opportunity. And that's how I want my room to understand. I don't want anybody to feel comfortable."

* Jamal Turner "is a different person"  on the field than a year ago, Fisher said.

"A year ago he was looking for the answer on everything. Now he's to the point where he's giving people the answers."


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