No quarterbacks coach likes when a pupil throws an interception, whether it's the third day of practice, the third week of the fall or the third quarter of a bowl game. 

Nebraska assistant Mario Verduzco on Thursday told reporters he was "irritated" by a couple of turnovers and a couple of near misses that day in practice. 

Given the lack of experience in his room -- Central Florida transfer Noah Vedral is the only player with preexisting knowledge of the Huskers' new offensive system -- those things are going to happen. And while Verduzco clearly won't sit idly by, he also acknowledged that his approach is to try to get his young players to worry less instead of more. 

There's a ton of new information. Everybody's learning. Mistakes will happen. Just let it roll and then go back and correct it later. 

"Just relax. Run with it," Verduzco said of his message. "We’ll be alright, it will come together. I know you’ve got a lot of things going in in your brain right now from an Xs and Os standpoint and also a mechanical standpoint. Just relax.

"You play, you let me coach. If I’ve got something to get after you about, I will." 

As Verduzco tells it, the trick is to do the scrutinizing before and after practice. When a Husker quarterback hits the field, then it's just about navigating the day's -- and the defense's -- challenges as fast and efficiently as possible.  

"Are there going to be some mistakes? Absolutely. But man, let’s not start pulling our hair out of our head," he said. "Particularly with regards to a game. The time to celebrate, right, as a quarterback, and also the time to get really irritated with yourself is after the game. You don’t want to do it during the game, regardless of the score. You never know hat’s going to happen. As soon as you get yourself in that kind of rut, you’ve got a problem. That’s the way we deal with it.

"Quarterbacks, like we talked about before, are self-starters. They want to do well and they tend to be, sometimes, too anal. Relax. It’ll be alright." 

One other interesting note from the ever-insightful assistant: He likes that his quarterbacks like being in the film room, but he doesn't want them camped out there all day. 

"I want to make certain that they understand they don’t need to be up here eight hours a day," he said. "They shouldn’t be up here eight hours a day. If they are up here eight hours a day, there’s something wrong. We want them to be able to enjoy their college experience. Obviously, because we practice in the morning, they’re going to have to get their academic life taken care of, so that morning time is ours.

"I’m here early, early in the morning, so come in, let’s talk and go from there."

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