Nebraska vs. Iowa action, 11.25.2011 33

Husker defensive linemen have seemed to embrace their new position coach Rick Kaczenski's attacking message.

“Rather than reacting we’re attacking,” said senior defensive end Cameron Meredith said before this fall camp began.

Some have wondered if some of this chatter meant a shift in the ways of Nebraska's defensive line, which has used a two-gap scheme during the Bo Pelini era.

I asked Kaczenski about the two-gap after Tuesday's practice. Is Nebraska going away from it?

“To be honest with you, (two-gap scheme) is what I come from and that's what Nebraska is. We're two-gap,” Kaczenski said. “Iowa is two-gap. All seven years I was there that's what they played on defense, and I am sure they'll continue, with the success that they've had.”

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You'd expect Nebraska coaches might have some new wrinkles that they don't want to yet unveil.

But Kaczenski said yesterday the general philosophy of Nebraska's D-line remains the same. The first-year Husker assistant said he's “just kind of building on what these guys have already got.”

“They've had great D-line coaches with (John Papuchis) and Carl (Pelini) being in this system,” Kaczenski said. “These (players) understand the system, the idiosyncrasies, the adjustments, the things that can happen to you, the pre-snap reads. We really haven't changed all that."

As for any possible wrinkles, if you'd kindly hold tight for about 10 days, we might have a better grip on that question.


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