Southern Miss vs. Nebraska, 9.7.13 (copy)

Defensive coordinator John Papuchis and various assistants met the media after Wednesday's practice.

Here's video of post-practice Papuchis. Ah, alliteration.

Here's more in our Red Report.

And here's a few other nuggets from Papuchis courtesy of Sipple:

*** Nebraska’s defense is young at several spots. So, the conventional wisdom is the Huskers’ first road game of the season could be particularly challenging.

However, Papuchis said there can be certain benefits to getting out of town.

“If you handle it the right way, you eliminate some distractions that potentially could be around when you’re at home,” said NU defensive coordinator John Papuchis. “You have family in town. You have all your friends around. Sometimes when you’re isolated in a hotel, it allows you to focus on the task at hand.”

*** The Husker defense hopes to benefit from facing Purdue a week after playing Illinois.

The respective offenses present similar issues in terms of variety, Papuchis said.

“Out of (Purdue’s) two-back stuff, there’s a lot of speed motion that accompanies it,” the coach said. “They have a one-back spread set. They do a lot of different things, so it forces you to prepare for the multiplicity of the offense.

“I would say that’s one of their strengths.”

Nebraska held Illinois to 19 points and 372 yards. The Huskers communicated better than they did in previous games, Papuchis said.

What’s more, “Our young guys have seen more now,” he said. “So there’s less that’s surprising to them when they see something out of the scope of what we prepared for.”

*** It obviously was quite the mess for Nebraska’s defense near the end of last Saturday’s game. The Huskers were flagged three times for 12 men on the field, as players tried to substitute.

Bo Pelini said after the game that the referees “didn't officiate that right there on the last drive.”

Papuchis on Wednesday had another explanation.

“Unfortunately, a little of that had to do with the fact we were playing a lot of different guys, so the combinations weren’t as in synch as they should’ve been,” Papuchis said.

What’s more, “Illinois was playing a lot of guys that we didn’t know – you know, backups,” he said. “As we were trying to match personnel, it was difficult. That was a frustrating way to end the game. We probably should’ve just stayed a little more vanilla and not tried to match everything.

“You live and learn on those things.”


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