Miami vs. Nebraska, 9.20.14

LINCOLN, NEB - 9/20/2014 - Nebraska student section in the west stadium at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014. TED KIRK/Lincoln Journal Star

There's been a lot of conversation around here the last few days about the crowd Saturday night.

It wasn't your typical warm-and-fuzzy Husker crowd. A couple of on-field fights and seeing those Hurricane helmets apparently was the trick to wipe away that Nebraska Nice for a few hours.

You know who didn't mind the atmosphere at all? Bo Pelini.

He called the crowd performance "phenomenal" at his Monday press conference, and then issued a challenge.

"I challenge the crowd: Let’s get that every week," he said. "The same way I challenge it to myself, the coaches, the players. You can’t ride the highs and lows in this deal. You can’t pick and choose. It’s got to be the same approach every week. I hope and trust it’s going to be the same way as far as the crowd is concerned in their approach.”

On Tuesday, Pelini sent his own special message via Twitter to the Husker Boneyardm the name that has been adopted by the student section.

Defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski passed out some similar love the day after the game.

You know who had an impressive non-conference season? The student section. Remember, when it was going down to the wire on whether student tickets would sell out?

Not only did they sell those tickets, the empty top rows that were visible in most games last year -- even Michigan State -- have been filled so far in 2014.

Given that this was viewed as one of the most unattractive Husker home schedules in some time going into the season, many probably would not have predicted that.

They've been rewarded. Whatever the home schedule looked like on paper, you have to say two of the three games so far have been memorable in their own ways -- Saturday night's for raw intensity, and the McNeese State game for one of the great individual clutch efforts that's gone down on Vine Street.


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