Well, that's a 14-hour van trip (it's about seven each way with an Arby's stop) I'm glad to have over with. The Huskers probably enjoyed the trip to Norman even less. A decade ago, you would have never thought you'd see the Huskers on the road against Oklahoma and the Sooner crowd more interested in ... Texas Tech? But such was the case Saturday night, OU fans cheering as loud for Tech points as Sooner points by the second quarter. After the game, OU fans stayed in the stadium to watch the end of the Tech game on TV. This led to an unusual Husker postgame where Bo Pelini was the only one in the NU camp who spoke. And as he talked, Oklahoma fans erupted several times for positive plays by Tech... "What the heck is going on out there?" Pelini asked as the crowd exploded after the Tech touchdown. Told what was happening, he said: "I mean, look where we were. There's a team that just beat Texas. We went into overtime with Texas Tech. But the bottom line is this: Our margin of error right now is small. We keep trying to stress to our players that it's about us, it's about taking care of what we do. And when we don't play well, we don't execute our stuff well, that margin of error grows and we're not able to overcome that. ... That doesn't surprise me that Texas Tech beat Texas. Two good football teams. But we did show a couple weeks ago that we can play with that football team and tonight we didn't. We didn't execute well. We got hit in the mouth early, we lost momentum and we didn't respond well enough. As a result, we got our tails kicked." ***** The bright spot? There was one. Roy Helu. It was Helu's first 100-yard rushing game. He carried the ball 16 times for 157 yards and had two catches for 19 yards. He also had a career-long run of 57 yards late in the game last night. His pervious best game yardage-wise was a 66- yard performance at Iowa State. The OU post-game radio show was praising "that guy who came off the bench" for Nebraska. ***** The four turnovers committed by NU were a season high. Oklahoma's 62 points were the most by the Sooners against Nebraska in the series, bettering 55 points in a 55-7 win over the Huskers in 1954. ***** Nebraska had three times given up 28 points in a quarter, most recently against Texas Tech in 2004, but never 35. ***** The OU game couldn't have gone much worse for Nebraska, but Kansas becomes the biggest game of this season. Win and the Huskers are "bowling" with two games on the schedule against teams that probably have it worse than them right now. Said Pelini: "I told our guys, I said, 'You can either go downhill or you can take the adversity and learn from your experience and let it make you a better football team.' That's my job. That's the task that's ahead of us and this football team." The old saying is that you're never as bad as you think you are and never as good, and there's a lot of truth there -- except for maybe those first 5 1/2 minutes of Saturday night's game. That really was as bad as everyone thought it was. Confused guy = The dude who went to pick up the pizza and came back to a 28-0 score. ***** A 1:30 kickoff. I like it. Old school.