Indiana changes look, should NU follow?

Indiana changes look, should NU follow?


There are few times when Nebraska and Indiana fall in the same discussion when it comes to college football.

Nebraska has national championships, dozens of bowl appearances and a sellout streak that dates back to 1962. Indiana has . . . a football program . . . it's been reported.

One thing these two do have in common — other than the same conference, of course — is that each is outfitted by adidas. And that particular brand is linked to this recent bit of Hoosier news: five new helmets!!!!

Yes, the Oregon Duckification of college football continues. The race to create gaudy, attention-grabbing alternate uniforms such as this, this and these, has now given us an array of Indiana helmets sure to inspire dozens to wait longer than 30 seconds to change the channel on the next Hoosier football game (assuming it's televised).

"It's sparked some interest in the recruiting," Hoosiers coach Kevin Wilson assured The Associated Press.

Ah, the old new-uniform trick. It's often utilized, because, as well all know, Maryland has been an absolute juggernaut since its helmets went flag. (Just imagine what would have happened had they gone plaid.)

In Indiana's case, the crimson-and-chrome candy-striped helmets are a nod to the school's iconic basketball warmups.

"The chrome stuff is in vogue and the candy stripe look is unique to Indiana and basketball and swimming in particular," Wilson said of his team's new helmets. "We liked the look and it was something the administration got approved. We don't want to be gimmicky, or an Arena League type of thing, but the helmets are cool."

A rotation of five different uniforms in one season? It sure gets the kiddies excited.

Is it time Nebraska ponders the same move to broaden its connection with younger fans across the country?

The Huskers already dipped their feet in the water with last year's home game against Wisconsin. Should new athletic director Shawn Eichorst give adidas the go-ahead to design three or four more alternates to wear throughout the season?

Oregon grabs headlines all the time with its 50-plus uniform combinations, and you just spent two minutes of your day reading about Indiana football. Bet you didn't see that happening when you took a bite out of your morning donut.

Perhaps a program such as Nebraska's could use the same sort of edgy public relations move.

Or they could just win a few more ballgames.

That usually works, too.


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