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What's your 2027 mock draft look like?

OK, we're not that far ahead ..... hopefully. But as you might guess, various 2015 NFL Draft mocks were already hitting the Internet hours after the completion of this weekend's draft.

Never mind that defensive end Randy Gregory is only going to be a junior for the Huskers this fall. The mock draft crowd is assuming he'll leave for the pros a year early. Not only that, some are putting him at the top of of their draft boards.

This, of course, means a whole lot of nothing right now as far as what will actually happen. Teddy Bridgewater was No. 1 on many draft boards a year before he was picked 32nd. But it does show you the kind of national attention that is going to meet Gregory as he takes on his junior season.

Gregory seems to understand what is coming. The even-keeled defensive end also seems to have the right frame of mind to deal with it.

"I know where my head's at. I know what I need to focus at and that's the team, this season ahead of us," he said this spring. "All the NFL talk, and things like that, can wait until after the season."

Gregory also added this...

"And it sounds crazy, but it's going to be tough this year. I love Nebraska. I expect things from the team, and individually. It's going to be real tough for me to decide what I want to do at the end of the season."

While Husker fans would no doubt love to see Gregory spend another two years in a Nebraska uniform harassing quarterbacks, the Big Ten could sure use a star to emerge in next year's draft.

As you may have heard this weekend, the league hasn't had a Top 10 pick in the last six drafts.

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