Rex Burkhead

Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Walk into the Hawks Championship Center Wednesday morning and you'd find a bunch of Huskers from last year's senior class -- including Rex Burkhead, just returned from his NFL combine experience.

He was out there working out with guys like Eric Martin, Cameron Meredith, Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed. None of those players received an NFL combine invite. But they've been working out every day in Lincoln in preparation for Nebraska's March 7 test date for pro prospects.

I'll have a story on them coming.

But I was also interested in hearing from Burkhead about his trip to Indianapolis.

Burkhead fared very well in most of his tests at the combine, placing in the Top 5 at his position in five of seven categories.

But one area Burkhead wants to improve on is his 40 time. He posted an official time of 4.73 at the combine.

So Burkhead is planning on re-running the 40 for NFL evaluators next Thursday and doing some position work. He'll let his other numbers from the combine stand.

"I think overall I did pretty well," Burkhead said. "Definitely would have liked to have ran faster. I think I could have posted a better time. But I got another chance at the Pro Day, so hopefully I do it then."

Burkhead said he's aiming for low 4.5s with his 40.

It was tough to find faults with any of Burkhead's other numbers. He was second among running back in three of the seven drills.

"I think some of the teams wanted to see how athletic I was," he said. "I think I definitely showed that in some of those other tests."

Burkhead said he couldn't tell you how many teams he met with, but it was "a good amount."

Some of the meetings included basic interview questions. Others included drawing up plays on a board.

As you'd expect, the process does wear you down.

The medical examinations are particularly intense.

"They're yanking on your legs, your arms. Of course they were checking out my knee. It checked out well. That was probably the weirdest thing: You've got about six doctors around you yanking on different body parts making sure you're OK."

The on-field workouts take some time to recover from, too.

"It takes a beating on you," Burkhead said. "You don't realize it until the next day. You're as sore as you've ever been."


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