Things were probably going normally for the young man selling Runzas on Memorial Stadium’s west sideline Saturday.

The sun was out. It was an unseasonably warm day for late October. The Huskers were handing out touchdowns, which made handing out Nebraska’s favorite meat pocket that much easier.

Then, a voice called from the other side of the fence.

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Somebody on Bethune-Cookman’s sideline — maybe it was a coach, maybe it was a staff member, maybe just someone associated with the athletic department — decided he’d like to give the Midwestern delicacy a try during the second quarter.

Astute fan Bryson Nemecek noticed. He tweeted it out. He snapped a photo of the transaction — the kid in a red hoodie and black shorts with his Runza vest on one side of the fence, the coach unwrapping the goods on the other side.

Social media was set ablaze. Who was this mystery Runza buyer? What compelled him to partake during the game?

The Twitter account of sports blog SB Nation, and its nearly 300,000 followers, caught wind of the proceedings and fired off a post.

It can be hard to find people on gameday at Memorial Stadium. With 90,000 folks wearing essentially the same thing, distinguishing one Runza vendor from another can be difficult.

Several trips around the concourse at halftime were fruitless in an attempt to locate the now-famous kid who probably didn’t even know he was famous.

But, at least he has a pretty good story.

Don't change what works: For the first time this season, Nebraska's Tunnel Walk soundtrack was unchanged from the week before.

The Huskers used the same souped-up version of "Sirius" that led off last week's game against Minnesota and seemed to draw the approval of the fan base.

Like everything else involving Nebraska football this season, a trusting of the process has finally led to desirable results.

Not quite full: It will go in the books as another sellout, Nebraska's 366th in a row. But there were a few patches of empty seats as Saturday's game neared kickoff.

Announced attendance was 88,735 — still pretty darn impressive for a 1-6 team playing a FCS program in a makeup game.

But the top 20 or so rows of the student section were unoccupied, as were a couple spots where visiting fans would normally sit in the southwest corner of the stadium.

In fact, it looked for a while like Bethune-Cookman's fan attendance would be zero, a rarity for visiting teams coming to Lincoln. However, several Wildcat faithful filled the first row of bleachers by the time the opening kickoff was in the air.

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