Scott Frost news conference, 12/3/17

Scott Frost speaks as Huskers athletic director Bill Moos looks on during a news conference after being introduced as the new Nebraska head football coach on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, at Memorial Stadium.

On Sunday, Scott Frost was asked how he would modify his offensive system to work in the Big Ten. Without hesitation, Frost responded, "I'm hoping the Big Ten has to modify their system to us."

His answer drew the loudest applause of the afternoon, and here's guessing it got Husker Nation fired up, too.

Here are seven notable quotes from the man who wore No. 7 at Nebraska:

On this being the right time: "With Hank (Bounds) and Ronnie (Green) and Bill (Moos), I think the leadership is right, I think the time is right, I think this state is hungry for unity. When I was here under Coach (Tom) Osborne, there was unity in purpose, and unity in belief, and unity of understanding and unity of support for this program, what it stood for, and what it was accomplishing. This program needs that again, this state needs that again, and when I walked into that weight room and saw all those (current and former) players there, it really made me excited about the fact that we can get this entire state behind this football program, get this entire state pulling for these players, get this entire state excited about what’s going on, and we’re going to put a product on the field that this entire state can be proud of."

On the pressure that comes with the job: "I played here, I understand it. I saw the best of this place. I also saw some hard times that maybe other people hadn’t. But that’s what makes this place great, is the passion people here have for it. Watching it from afar, I’m not sure that that passion was unified, that that passion was always completely supported. It’s my hope that by returning this to its roots, and maybe with me coming back, that we can get that passion all pointed in the right direction."

On watching Nebraska from afar: "When you’re coaching, you’re pretty busy with your own team, but I was able to watch this from afar. From afar, it didn’t look like the Nebraska that I knew. I haven’t been in this building to see all these changes. I think I say the time is right because everything is set up here for us to do what we have to do to get this place back and I know with all the support of the people in this state and all the former players and the leadership on this university, I know we can get it done."

On his biggest worry: "I don’t have a worry, because I know we are going to do things the right way. We’re going to do things in a way that the people of Nebraska can be proud of. We’re not going to win every game that I coach here, and we’re going to lose a few. We might make some mistakes, but I know that the people are going to be able to get behind what we’re doing here because we’re going to do everything the right way and we’re going to do everything with the right moral compass, and we’re going to do everything in a way that’s going to make Nebraska proud."

On how he's more prepared for this job now than he was three years ago: "I wasn’t considered for this job last time it came open, and I’m glad I wasn’t. I didn’t get a phone call the last time this job was open and I’m glad I didn’t. The pieces are in place now."

His message to the team: "We’re going to be a more united team than anybody else, that’s what Nebraska’s about. We’re going to work our tails off in the weight room and be stronger and more physical, and tougher, than other teams, because that’s what Nebraska’s about. A lot of these guys will jump on board and do those things, maybe some won’t, but the ones that will are going to enjoy the ride, we’re going to have a lot of fun and get this place back to where it needs to be."

On the differences between turning around UCF and Nebraska: "I don’t think there’s much of a difference. We need to make sure the culture is right, we need to make sure the unity is right. We need to get to work in the weight room and on the field. We’re going to practice hard and fast. I told the players today that everything we’re going to do is going to be difficult, but they’re going to have more fun than they’ve ever had. Once you get that kind of unity and togetherness, and you put in the work, success and everyone follows."