Decision? What decision?

As far as Husker junior Ndamukong Suh is concerned, there isn’t one.

NFL Draft?

“Nope,” he said after Wednesday’s practice. “I’m coming back for another year. I got another year of football and I’ve definitely got to finish school.”

After a breakthrough season for the nose tackle, the talk of Suh leaving early for the NFL has come up among fans and media. But they seem to be thinking about it more than Suh does.

Suh said he would file the paperwork to see about his draft status, but just so he has an idea about “what I have to get better at.”

“I will take a look at it and see where they’d select me at or whatever they’d project me at,” Suh said. “But (aside) from that, that’s just giving me something to work for.”

Is there any draft projection that could change his mind?

No, he doesn’t think so.

“I’m just focused on getting school done and coming back for another year. I love playing college football,” Suh said. “My main thing is to come out here, get this program where it’s supposed to be and have fun doing it.”

Teammates call him “Ducky.” Opponents call him a nuisance.

Suh is coming off a season in which he racked up 68 tackles —  leading the way in that category among all Big 12 defensive linemen — and 5½ sacks. He also scored three touchdowns, two on interception returns and another while playing fullback.

Still, to the dismay of Husker fans, Suh was picked second-team All-Big 12 by the league coaches.

Among those on the first team was Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy, who had one more sack than Suh but 43 less tackles.

“I noticed it, but there’s different things that must go into a selection process,” Suh said. “It’s something that I won’t change and can’t change.”

He said he was happy to be noticed and actually cited teammate Zach Potter, a senior defensive end, as someone more deserving of recognition.

“You look at Potter. He put great back-to-back years together and he’s honorable mention again,” Suh said. “I think Potter should have been on second team and I should have been on honorable mention because of how he put two great seasons back-to-back.”

Suh’s humility would come as no surprise to secondary coach Marvin Sanders.

“I know how that kid thinks,” Sanders said. “And those honors and awards are great, but I bet he’s 10 times happier that we’re 8-4 and going to a bowl game. He’s all about team.”