@GusCandle: "After Week 1 of the 2018, #CollegeFootball season, the #Huskers lead the nation in nearly every defensive statistical category. #Blackshirts

@rogersimonsen: "#Huskers game ball went to Butch Hug tonight for his 50 yard dash to midfield to stop the game."

@SethCross21: "Should have scheduled this one for Scottsbluff, I know we would have got it played #Huskers"

@maif350: "Even Mother Nature is afraid of Scott Frost #Huskers #GBR"

@JenPancoast: "Does winning the coin toss count for anything? #huskers"

@jackhaenggi: "Worst Scott Frost day ever!!! #huskers"

@stevenbryant723: "There's gonna be a lot of questions for Frost about the one kickoff on Monday #Huskers"

@KLiess11: "Why couldn’t this have happened before the NIU game last year #Huskers"

@MicahJo23: "It's like Christmas was just cancelled."

@Peter_Soby: "This is just like the 95 season. Every game over after the kickoff. Huskers are back. #huskers #gbr #Nebraskafootball"

@omacolt: "Fitting that the name of Akron's mascot was the chance the Husker game was to be played tonight. #Huskers"

@Dave_Westfall: "Scott Frost had a game canceled due to weather last year and was undefeated, so........."

@Richard_Rhoden: "Good news from tonight? Scott Frost is still undefeated."

@MyBoyJeter: "Imagine having tickets for the season opener and then not having tickets for the season opener."

@GavinHiggins2: "Massive depression sweeps across the state as we now have to wait another week to watch the #Huskers..."