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Sirles Says: When Huskers go to the movies

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Jeremiah Sirles

Jeremiah Sirles

Each week, senior offensive tackle Jeremiah Sirles shares his insights with Husker beat writer Brian Christopherson. Some football talk. Some randomness. This week, Sirles talks about movies. He really likes movies. And it can be quite an adventure when the team goes to a movie together the night before a game. First, however, the subject of going on the road again …

"I enjoy road games. We've been home and it's been great, but I'm kind of ready for a change of scenery. Another stadium I get to cross off my list that I've been to."

(What's a Friday like when the team is hitting the road?)

"On Fridays, when you wake up, you come to meetings early, you get your walk-through done. You get a Mr. Goodcents' lunch and a NuVibe smoothie and you get on the plane. I'm a senior this year, so I get to sit in first class. Pretty pumped about that. Watch a movie on a plane. Kind of do whatever you need to do to get your mind right. ... (After arriving), usually you have a little down time, then you get to go to more meetings, eat dinner, then go to a movie, hopefully. Movies are fun. I'm a huge movie guy. Then we come to the hotel and get Coach Bo's final speech at night."

(What are movies like with the team? Do all those guys keep quiet?)

"Sometimes there's too much talking. There's times, you're like, 'Shut up, I'm trying to watch the movie.' That usually happens when it's not that great of a movie and people are bored. Guys kind of know the movie etiquette. If you're talking, keep it to a dull roar. But if it's a good movie, you won't hear anyone. People will be locked-in, solid, ready to go.

"The worst movie by far (we've seen) has been Apollo 18. I mean, that was just horrible. (Jake Cotton walks by and chimes in: "'This is the End' also stunk.") Yeah, 'This is the End' was pretty bad. One of the best movies was actually one we saw a few weeks ago. 'Prisoners.' Yeah, that was a fantastic movie. That's definitely one of the better ones we've seen."

(Does everyone try to do their best Roger Ebert impersonation after the movie?)

"Oh, yeah, the whole bus ride back to the hotel is about whether the movie was bad or whether the movie was good or whether the movie was terrible. And you always get the conflicting, 'Well it wasn't that bad.' And then the, 'No, it was horrible.' It's like a huge movie critique all the way back to the hotel. It's pretty fun."

(Back to football. How much do you get to watch the defense during the game, and how excited were you to see the Blackshirts take a step forward last week?)

"We come off the field and make our corrections, but then I always kind of like to get up by the field and see what's going on. I think the biggest thing was their effort. They played so hard. Played hard on every snap. Guys were making differences. I'm excited for them. I think they're just going to keep growing through these next seven weeks."

(How much do you encourage guys on the other side of the ball?)

"When we're competing in practices, it's not just about whether the offense wins or defense wins. It's to get better as a team. So that's what we really focus on. It's not as much, 'Oh, we won' or 'You won.' It's, 'We got better.'"

Reach Brian Christopherson at or 402-473-7439. Follow him on Twitter @HuskerExtraBC.


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