We won't name him. He doesn't need his girlfriend Googling his name and coming across this. All we know is No. 19 for Indiana likely sank a few inches in his seat Sunday when the film study got to Nebraska's last possession.

It was the play before the fumble that wasn't a fumble when No. 19 from Indiana will wish he wasn't there.

Nebraska running back Terrell Newby took the handoff going to his left, then took two quick steps to his right, then cut left again. He ripped through a hole left by a blitzing linebacker. It was great vision, but the best was about to come.

He met No. 19 from Indiana at the 40 and drove him all the way to the 34 for a 13-yard run. The safety didn't offer the punishment. The running back did.

You couldn't help but think of Ameer Abdullah, one of Newby's biggest fans, as you watched it. No doubt Ameer liked that run a whole lot.

His coach sure did.

"He's a tough-minded guy," said Husker coach Mike Riley. "I really like him. He's been a man in the fourth quarter in the last couple of ballgames, and I really appreciate that."

Of Newby's 429 rushing yards this season, 242 have come in the last two games. But let's go inside those numbers one step further.

Of those 242 yards, 170 have come in the fourth quarters of those two games.

Against Illinois, Newby had 11 carries for just 27 yards in the first three quarters. He carried it 16 times for 113 yards and two scores in the fourth quarter.

Against Indiana, he had 11 carries for 45 yards before the final frame. He toted it 11 times for 57 in the fourth quarter.

He had 81 carries this season, and 27 of them have come in the last two fourth quarters. One-third of his carries.

It's hard to get Newby to talk about himself unless he's giving himself a tough critique for the near fumble in the fourth quarter of that Indiana game. Otherwise, it almost always comes back to his offensive line and the team as a whole.

"I think it's just our determination to finish," said Newby, his team having outscored teams 88-13 in the final quarter. "We always want to finish with the ball in our hands. It's one of the things we always stress, to finish with the ball with our hands and leave it on us, so I think it kind of comes from that."

In the 27-22 win over Indiana, Nebraska's final drive featured nine Newby carries. It didn't end with a touchdown, but it did its damage, lasting 15 plays and milking 7:41 off the clock. The Hoosiers were left with just 45 seconds to respond.

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Newby isn't the biggest back out there, but he's got more wallop than some think, listed at 5-10 and 200 pounds.

"I feel like I'm in pretty good shape, I feel like our whole offense is in pretty good shape," he said. "You don't see guys saying they're tired at all, or they're not showing it."

He focuses back to the O-line.

"That's what I love about the offensive line especially, they'll never show that they're tired no matter what. We'll go all the way down the field on an 80-yard drive and they won’t show it."

Newby is still feeling fresh halfway through the season. He wants his team to now put a complete game together against Purdue.

He'd also prefer to steer clear of official replay reviews on his runs from now on. There have been two of them in the last three games.

One was ruled a fumble against Northwestern when he lost the handle a foot from the goal line while diving for the end zone. Against Indiana, though, a review of a potential fumble of his with two minutes left showed his knee was down.

"Everybody asked me if I was down and I was like 'Yeah, I was down.' It's definitely a feeling I want to avoid," Newby said.

That fourth-quarter groove he's had, though? He won't mind if that sticks around for a few more dances.

He's likely to leave Nebraska having rushed for more than 2,000 career yards, already at 1,789, which is a solid total, especially when considered that the Los Angeles native spent his first two years as one of the backups to Abdullah.

Even this season, sophomore Devine Ozigbo had the majority of carries the first four games. While Newby has been the main back the last two games, he still has just four more carries than Ozigbo this season.

His story of patience could be beneficial to some of the younger backs in the Husker fold.

"You never know when your number is going to be called and when it does you have to be ready," Newby said. "It's something I always had to instill in my mind as a young player because anything can happen in a game.

"So when your number is called and it's time for you to make a play, you've got to be able to do it."

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