Nebraska director of athletics Bill Moos met with the media for about 15 minutes Thursday morning as the Huskers' season-opener against Akron continued to draw near.

Moos touched on several topics, chief among them the new Big Ten schedules released Wednesday, the transfer climate in college football, and Nebraska's plans for an alternate uniform this season.

As for scheduling Moos said the Big Ten schedules for 2022-2025 came after several discussions among league officials over the spring and summer.

Moos said when he and head coach Scott Frost were breaking down the schedule, they felt that the Big Ten's traditional powers were playing each other more than other league programs.

"And I respect that. And when I brought it to the attention of the commissioner and my colleagues at a meeting in Phoenix last spring, I said I understand how that was designed to attract TV audiences, and also to address the strength of schedule piece of the playoff system," Moos said. "But what ended up happening was, we were beating each other up and sliding out of potentially not getting in that final four."

After several discussions, the Big Ten literally drew schools out of a pair of boxes to match up crossover partners in the East and West Divisions. 

"I felt, and I think I convinced enough of my peers, that we needed to take another look at that and something that might be a little more fair and give us a chance to get somebody into that four team slot," Moos said.

On transfers, Moos said "we haven't seen the end of the transfer changes, I don't believe."

Moos said he supports the "consequences" of a player sitting out a year after a transfer, "otherwise it's going to be like free agency, and it's going to be like professional sports and you're going to see a different roster every year."

The lack of patience when it comes to immediate playing time, the pressures of competitive youth sports and the lure of professional sports all play a role in the number of transfers, Moos said. 

"These are obstacles and challenges we have to face," Moos added.

Finally, Moos confirmed that the Huskers will wear an alternate uniform this season, perhaps for more than one game.

He didn't have any details as to what the uniform would look like, but he believed the uniform would be worn for NU's November 10 game against Illinois.

Much like the Tunnel Walk, Moos said, it was important for Nebraska to balance tradition with current trends.

"We're talking tradition and we're talking today's 18, 19-year-olds. The Nebraska football uniform is an icon. It's like Michigan, Alabama, Texas, USC, and that will be our standard uniform," Moos said. "But there will be a game, maybe even two, where we will go away from that with something that's maybe a little bit more trendy in today's world. Again, I'm comfortable with it. You have a guy (Scott Frost) that was a national champion quarterback here that wore that standard uniform, so he knows what it means and what it represents."

Frost said captain decision will be made Thursday

Frost said Thursday the NU coaching staff will meet to decide on how the Huskers will approach naming captains for the season.

Frost said it's likely Nebraska will rotate captains throughout the season.

No limit on QB running game: Frost also said there will be no limitations on how much Adrian Martinez runs when it comes to play calling.

Frost said he will "call the game based on what we need to do to win."

Lightning round: Huskers

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