Nebraska vs. South Alabama, 8.31

Nebraska cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt celebrates a tackle of South Alabama quarterback Cephus Johnson in the second quarter Aug. 31 at Memorial Stadium.

Position: Defensive back.

Year: Sophomore.

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama.

Area code: 334.

Graduating class size at Park Crossing High School: "It was about almost about 400."

No fan allegiances: "I was an Auburn (fan) for a minute, (but) I don't have a favorite team. I need to look into everybody because I don't want to be leaning more this way. I want to actually get a feel for different teams."

Drawing a line between Auburn and Alabama: "It's (Montgomery) actually right in the middle. Tuscaloosa is about an hour, 30, or 2 hours (away). Auburn is 45 minutes to an hour, so they're both pretty close."

They love their football in Alabama: "It's kind of crazy here (in Nebraska), I can say that. But Alabama and Auburn, rivalry and just growing up down there where all they know is football, it's pretty crazy. When I was growing up, it was, 'Let's go play in the SEC, the toughest conference,' this and that. But I came up here and they showed me something a lot different. The Big Ten is a tough league, as well."

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Once a quarterback, but now ... "No, I do not miss playing quarterback. If I had to do anything like that, just anything out of the blue, I'm willing to do it."

What do you miss most about home? "Probably my family. I get to see them just a little bit, but waking up in the morning and seeing them, it's just different."

Two siblings and a stepbrother and stepsister: "I'm the oldest. Me and my little brother used to go outside in full pads and just hit. I was getting him ready for football and he was getting me ready. I just tried to make sure he was good growing up because we really didn't have trainers and things like we do now. My sister plays softball so I'm out there throwing a softball to her. Everybody in the house is competitive. Nobody likes to lose."

Tee ball and piano: "I played tee ball. I played the piano here and there. We had piano lessons. My brother is good. He hears a song and he can do it automatically. I don't know how he does it. I was into drums and I really love music."

What kind of music do you like? "It really doesn't matter. I can just find a song and listen to it and I can just stay in tune with it."

Staying away from baseball: "I played basketball, and I was going to play baseball but my mom was like, 'You don't need to throw out your arm,' because they wanted me to play pitcher. That's the reason why I didn't play baseball. I also ran track."

What were you like in high school? "I'm always joking, I'm always laughing and I'm always making sure everybody is smiling. I'm not always in the bad mix, I'm always trying to bring positive vibes."

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