Wyoming vs. Nebraska, 9/10

Nebraska offensive lineman David Knevel (77) during second quarter action against Wyoming at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016.

Year: Junior  |   Hometown: Brantford, Ontario

Depth chart: No. 1 at right tackle  |  Career games played: 16.

Of note: Knevel is a first-year starter, after serving as the top backup to Alex Lewis the past two seasons. He is the only player on the team this year from outside the United States.

Highlight play in Husker career: “Blocking for Jack Hoffman at my first Spring Game. That was a special moment. I didn’t think it was going to happen because I was with the third team at the time. And then I get in the huddle and I see Taylor Martinez, and then I see little Jack. I was like, ‘Wow, this is really special.’ It was a beautiful moment.”

If I were going to play another sport at Nebraska: “If I kept playing puck (hockey) that would be nice, I guess, but I wasn’t good enough, probably. I would love to be able to play hockey again. I miss it.”

About once a year reporters ask about the best basketball players on the football team. Who would be the best hockey team? “I’m definitely going to be a part of it. I know Brandon Reilly played some good hockey back in the day; I talked to him about it. Graham Nabity played some hockey. I don’t know anyone else. Not a lot of people talk about hockey here. Let’s say fans then. I’d say Spencer Lindsay is a big fan of hockey, and so is (Jordan Westerkamp), so I’d put them on the team, just because they’re good fans.”

Who does a good impression of coach Mike Riley or O-line coach Mike Cavanaugh: “OK, Mike Decker had a great impression of Coach Cavanaugh. He did it for his talent show, and he was absolutely spot-on. Just the voice and mannerisms and everything. I don’t know how he picked it up so fast. And for Coach Riley, there is a lot. Corey Whitaker is good, (Michael Rose-Ivey) has a good voice; he caught me off-guard a few times. With Riley it’s the voice, ‘All right guys.’ I don’t know. I don’t have a good voice. It’s just a very friendly sounding voice, and when he gets mad his voice still kind of sounds friendly. It’s just funny.”

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I have a twin brother Michael, who goes to school in Canada.

2. I love to watch movies.

3. I have a cat (that’s two Huskers in three weeks, joining Ross Dzuris.)

— Brent C. Wagner


Sports reporter

Brent has worked at the Journal Star for 14 years. His beats include Nebraska volleyball, women's basketball and high school soccer and cross country.

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