Meet the players who plan to don Husker red in the coming years.

High school profile

My school: Mount Pleasant (Iowa).

City profile: Mount Pleasant, located in southeast Iowa, is about a five-hour drive to Lincoln. Lutovsky’s hometown is Crawfordsville, Iowa, a city of about 300 people.

Number of players out for football: 86.

This season: Mount Pleasant had a 3-4 record.



Player profile

Height/weight: 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds.

Positions: Offensive guard and tackle, and defensive linemen.

Rankings: Rivals.com ranks Lutovsky as a three-star prospect and the No. 13 offensive tackle recruit in the nation. He’s the sixth-ranked senior recruit in Iowa. Three of the state's top-20 seniors signed with Nebraska (Thomas Fidone and Seth Malcom). Lutovsky will begin training with the Huskers in January.

Final schools: Georgia, Iowa State and Missouri.

Other sports: Wrestling and track.

Coach’s point of view

Mount Pleasant coach Shawn Striegl shares some stories about Lutovsky:

His senior season: “It was a lot of fun for us, and probably not so much fun for our opponents. He’s pretty vicious on the football field, and likes to run. He sent some kids into the bleachers a couple of times. Maybe not to that extreme. It wasn’t quite like 'The Blind Side' movie, but it was pretty close.”

The plays that make you rewind the game tape: “The best thing about Henry is his motor. You’ll see him involved in plays where everyone else has stopped, but he hasn’t. He’s playing to the whistle and putting people on their backs and getting knockdowns. He just has a motor that is relentless.”

The best play I’ve seen him make: “My favorite play was the very first game I played him when he was a sophomore. We threw him out on the starting offensive line and I said, ‘Hey, I just want to make sure the guy you block, every time I want you to bring him over to the sideline and put him at my feet,’ and he literally did that. That was the start of three years of him just dominating people.”

What college coaches saw in Lutovsky: “There are a lot of things that would be intriguing to me if I were a college coach. He studies the game. He lives in the weight room, but it’s not just to be bigger or stronger, he wants to be more athletic.”

Lutovsky’s athleticism: “I think that’s probably been the one area where he’s really focused on the most and has improved the most. As a sophomore, he didn’t move that well and didn’t have that great of flexibility. Somebody told him that along the way, and now he moves very well at (320 pounds). He could probably put some more weight on now. He’s squatting over 600 pounds, benching over 400. He’s just a specimen.”

— Brent C. Wagner