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Lee, Eric 1149


Year: Junior

Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts

Depth chart: No. 1 at cornerback.

Career games played: 19.

Of note: The fourth-year junior saw his first action of the season off the bench in place of Lamar Jackson against Purdue and had five tackles. He earned his first start of the season last week against Wisconsin, and again, he had five tackles.

On his favorite part of practice: “I would have to say one-on-ones, because it’s always good to compete against guys like Stanley Morgan, Mike Williams — he can roll — Jaron Woodyard — he can roll, too. So it’s always good to see guys like that, especially in the Big Ten you’re used to those ginormous, tall receivers.”

Least favorite part of practice: “The stretch. You’re moving fast pace and still trying to get warm, and you can end up a little out of breath. Stretch is always the worst, so if you can make it through stretch, you’ll make it through the rest of practice. (Stretch) is a very intense, dynamic warmup.”

On the highlight play of his career: “I think just being able to get that first start (against Arkansas State last year) and being able to play out there. It’s always been a dream to play for Nebraska, so that’s the highlight.”

If I could play another position for one game: “Receiver, for sure. It’s nice being on a different side of the ball, especially when you finally know what routes you’re running, and where the ball is supposed to go.”

On all of the different places he’s lived: “I was born in Denver, and then lived in Lincoln. I moved to Boston and then went back to Denver, but now my parents live in Arizona. I’ve liked it a lot. You get a chance to meet a lot of different people. … I’ve known Jerald and Trey Foster since I was really, really young. I’ve known their family for a long time, and they’re kind of one of the main reasons I ended up coming to this university. Both of my parents went here, and my dad got his (doctorate degree) here. My dad worked for the university at one point.”

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I love dogs.

2. I love fishing.

3. And I love Pokemon.

— Brent C. Wagner


Sports reporter

Brent has worked at the Journal Star for 14 years. His beats include Nebraska volleyball, women's basketball and high school soccer and cross country.

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