Anybody else ready for a warm-weather climate?

Looks like a lot of Nebraska students certainly are. But more on their dismal performance later.

This day is about celebrating Nebraska’s return to a bowl. El Paso. Tempe. Jacksonville. San Antonio. Any spot will do, thank you.

Which one will it be?

Sun Bowl chairman John Fulmer was in Lincoln and told me early Saturday that the winner of the Kansas-Nebraska game would have the upper hand for a trip to West Texas.

But Alamo Bowl representative Norman Dugas, who also attended Saturday’s game, said an 8-4 Nebraska team would be “very attractive” to several bowls.

“One thing you’re always looking for is a team that’s won their way into your game,” Dugas said, “instead of lost their way in.”

A representative from the Texas Bowl was supposed to be in attendance, but was a no-show. Oddly, the guy’s name is Steve Peterson. Hmm.

The Texas Bowl might not get a Big 12 team, anyway, as the conference may have only seven eligible teams. The game in Houston has the ninth pick.

Independence Bowl? If I’m wearing Jayhawk blue, I’m packing my bags for Shreveport. Insight Bowl? Possibly, if Nebraska stumbles against K-State or Colorado.

But if NU is 8-4, even the Gator Bowl isn’t out of the realm of possibility, Fulmer said.

Fulmer knows because he’s in regular contact with Gator Bowl reps. The Gator Bowl has the option of taking a Big 12 team (picking fourth after the BCS, Cotton Bowl and Holiday Bowl). If the Gator doesn’t select one this season, the Sun Bowl picks fifth after the Alamo.

Right now, it’s looking like the Gator Bowl has a big-time crush on Notre Dame, though.

“Would they take (Notre Dame) at 6-6? Good question,” Fulmer said. “I think if they have Florida State or Miami on the other end, they’ll take them at 6-6. I don’t know how they can’t.”

And if the Gator Bowl takes a Big 12 team?

“The only team that would really be of interest to them would be Nebraska at 8-4,” Fulmer said, “because of their history of traveling and so forth.”

Yes, it seems that even in this down time, Nebraska’s name still carries some weight.

“Oh, absolutely,” Fulmer said. “You hear that some things never go away? Well, that’s one of them. It’s just Nebraska. All the tradition, all the great things, all the great years. I’ve been doing this for 38 years. Still hasn’t changed. It’s Nebraska.”

In all kinds of weather?

I know it was cold, but it’s been cold before — much colder, in fact — when the students didn’t seem that bothered.

And the Baylor game? A beautiful day. But empty seats have become glaringly noticeable in the upper portion of the student section for the last two home games. Many students left at halftime Saturday. I’m guessing they didn’t trot over to Love Library, either.

What gives? Weather? Apathy? I’d like to hear a little defense from some students — from those who didn’t go.

Going deep

* Sun Bowl reps went out with Doc Sadler after Nebraska’s exhibition basketball game Friday night. Seems the folks in El Paso still have a soft spot for the former UTEP coach. “Doc’s a good guy,” Fulmer said. “We really enjoyed Doc.”

* A more sedate Bo Pelini was patrolling the sideline. After so much attention last week was given to his temper, Bo had his assistants do some dirty work. Ted Gilmore was giving an official an earful after a non-pass-interference call involving Nate Swift.

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