On Friday, "animated" for Bo Pelini meant sharing a chuckle with offensive line coach Barney Cotton after a Colorado penalty and wagging his play chart -- not his finger -- at an official who had tossed his flag.

After being called out by his boss -- and his boss' boss -- for his rants at officials and Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez last week, Pelini was on his best behavior in the Huskers' 45-17 win against Colorado.

A few plays into the game, Pelini shook hands with head linesman Al Green, and afterward, he shook hands and shared a few words with NU Chancellor Harvey Perlman near midfield.

Between the handshakes, Pelini largely kept his emotions in check. The most action during the numerous times he was featured on the ABC telecast was the head coach chomping his gum.

It was as if Nebraska's players had their coach's back in winning comfortably Friday. That we're-in-this-together mentality, Pelini said, is what his program is all about.

"We always say whenever Coach Bo quits yelling at you, that's when you need to worry because there's a problem," quarterback Cody Green said. "We don't care that he yells."

Stationed for most of the game 20 to 30 yards from the line of scrimmage, Pelini limited his overt reactions to just a few situations.

He spoke sternly to linebacker Will Compton after a Colorado touchdown drive after earlier celebrating with the Blackshirts following an interception.

He threw his hands in the air in a few instances, most notably when no flag came out after Rex Burkhead made a fair catch on a punt and was bumped by a Colorado defender and later when NU was called for interference on a pass Pelini thought was uncatchable.

Nebraska's head coach showed no reaction during an official review of what had been ruled a Burkhead fumble early in the game.

And when he did speak with officials, Pelini did so calmly. He asked for and received an explanation from referee Rick Loumiet of a personal-foul penalty.

Friday's crew assigned by the Big 12 Conference came with much less tumult than the one headed by Greg Burks that flagged Nebraska for 10 penalties in a loss to Texas and 16 in last week's defeat at Texas A&M.

Loumiet's crew had worked a Nebraska game only once this season, against South Dakota State.

The only games Loumiet worked during Pelini's first two seasons as head coach both were wins against Baylor.

Nebraska was called for eight penalties Friday, to six for Colorado. It's the 25th time in 39 games since Pelini was hired as head coach that Nebraska has been the more-penalized team.

Pelini, who apologized publically for his actions at A&M, complemented his players for not letting all of the week's distractions affect them.

"A lot of people tried to tear this team apart," he said. "We weren't going to let it happen."

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