What South Dakota State was saying after the game

Coach John Stiegelmeier:

"The defense did a great job. I will credit the guys on the field, but I will credit the defensive coaches, too, with a great game plan. That's a tough offense to defend. You go back to their last three ball games and look at the stats, for them to pull their starting quarterback out of whatever, frustration, is a positive for our guys."

Stiegelmeier on the SDSU interception return negated by penalty:

"I thought he (Andy Mink) stumbled. I watched in on the replay. I don't know that he was even trying to block. The play was behind him."

RB Kyle Minett:

"I thought I scored a couple of times there on that first drive and you put that with (Derek Domino's) interception and it would have been a different game. ... It would have put pressure on Nebraska."

"Nebraska is a really good football team but in our eyes they were beatable. We just weren't able to do that."

QB Thomas O'Brien:

"The nerves didn't get to me at all. There was one time when we where huddling up and I peeked at the crowd and it was like, ‘whoa, there's a lot of people here.' But, that just went to the back of my mind. You don't really think about that."

"This hurts about as bad as any loss besides maybe Montana last year."

Brian Christopherson's takes

They said it: "It kind of snowballed, I thought. It felt like it kind of snowballed on Taylor (Martinez). He really went into this game wanting to make big plays happen, and when you do that, you're going to get disappointed. You've just kind of got to let it come to you. He'll learn from it." -- Shawn Watson

Rabbit pride: Loved how the South Dakota State fans got behind their team, chants of "Let's go Rabbits" filling the stadium in the second half. "It was a treat," said SDSU coach John Stiegelmeier. "We were honored by the fans and their excitement."

Not purdy, just Priddy: Perhaps we should've known this wasn't going to be a Nebraska night when South Dakota State punter Dean Priddy had a snap go over his head, retreated 10 yards to get the ball, then kicked on the run and had his punt caught and downed at the Husker 4-yard line.

Game in a text: Rabbit scare over, bewilderment just beginning. What was that?

What fans are saying at "Life in the Red"

Tadow: "Bo will correct the problems we saw. It is clear that everyone overlooked the Jackrabbits. Hats off to the Jackrabbits and the several native Nebraskans on their team. Hopefully it is something you will remember the rest of your life. In three weeks we will all be toasting the 6-0 Nebraska Cornhuskers after they beat Texas!"

drivebyposter: "It appears a defensive coach has figured out how to shut the (offense) down, even with what appears to be lesser players."

HoosierHusker: "Wow, they are our own best defense! That's two touchdowns by the rabbits that have been called back because of penalties. Thank you rabbits for keeping us in this game, because we certainly haven't been playing like we deserve to be in it."

HuskerInSoCal: "(Cody Green) is showing that T-Magic still deserves to start."

Hypno Potomus: "How much of this is vanilla playbook and how much is lackluster effort? The Wabbits are playing faster. There will be some proud SDSU parents."

East Coast Blackshirts: "This will bring us back down to earth. Bo will turn this into a positive to show the players that what he has been saying is the case, "We aren't there yet."