Nebraska vs. Northwestern, 10.18.14

Nebraska offensive lineman Chongo Kondolo (70) and tight end Sam Cotton (84) double-team Northwestern linebacker Anthony Walker during the team's game last season in Evanston, Illinois.

Senior offensive guard Chongo Kondolo is in his third year in the program after arriving as a junior-college transfer. He's coming off his first career start. Not only did he start in Saturday's 33-28 loss to BYU; he played every snap. Heartbreaking as the loss was for the Huskers, Kondolo believes this team, and certainly his fellow linemen, took a lot out of the game.

"It's just the little things. Whether it's not doing a protection right in practice and (thinking), 'Oh, I'll get it right in the game.' With certain little details, I think people are more focused on them now because we realize we didn't do enough like we thought we did going into that first game."

(What was Mike Riley like before the game?)

"He's just a pretty mellow guy. He was telling us we're lucky to play here. He was pretty excited, too. But it wasn't anything we didn't expect. Same wise Coach Mike Riley."

(Biggest character in the O-line room is ...)

"Definitely Alex Lewis. And David Knevel. A lot of guys don't know that David's really a character, but I live with him, so I know it. He's just funny, man. Just a clown. Always messing with people. ... He loves (hockey). That's still one of his favorite sports."

(What's your new coach Mike Cavanaugh like?)

"He's very detailed and straightforward. There's more than one occasion where he's pulled me aside after a practice and let me know what I did wrong. He won't sugarcoat it."

(You played every snap last Saturday on a 93-degree day. How'd that go?)

"It was fine. The worst part was halftime because I felt hot in the locker room. But when I was out here playing, it really wasn't that bad. You're not thinking about it when you're actually playing. It's when you're not playing ... but it's not too crazy. I haven't done that in awhile, though, played a full game."

(When you invest all that work and then you see a guy catch a Hail Mary at the end, how do you react?)

"Made the play. People say it was luck, but he just straight-up caught the ball. He made the play. It sucks, but how I feel is we put ourselves in that position in a one-point game."

(Your feelings about this offense?)

"We've got weapons. I'm excited about that."

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