The late kickoff time, combined with the fact that many people don't get the CBS Sports Network at home, led many to downtown Lincoln on Saturday to watch Nebraska's game at Fresno State.

Specifically, fans flocked to The Railyard in the Haymarket to watch on the outdoor big screen — "The Cube" — and socialize around picnic tables.

Railyard security estimated that 1,500 fans packed the outdoor, fenced-in area, with the number still increasing late into the first quarter. Space was limited to standing-room-only by the time the game started. 

Before kickoff, 16 members of Nebraska's alumni pep band, led by a tuba player with a drink in his non-playing hand, snaked their way through the crowd and into the middle of The Railyard.

The band went through all of Nebraska's fight songs, also playing "Happy Birthday" for one fan, in the 20 minutes leading up to kickoff. The group then moved across the street and played after every Nebraska score, giving the event a stadium-like feel for much of the night.

Bars in the Railyard complex were also full and showing the game on all TVs. 


* As Nebraska started to pull away in the second quarter, one fan pondered the future of the season: "You know, with the way the Big Ten has been so far, I think we could get to Chicago this year." 

Buddy: "For what?"

"The Big Ten Championship Game."

Buddy: "That's in Indianapolis, dude."

* After Fresno State's Garrett Swanson shanked a punt for just 9 yards late in the first quarter, a man considered sending his son to Fresno after graduating high school this spring. "I bet he could at least punt it 20 yards."

* On a fourth-and-3 play late in the first quarter with Nebraska leading 14-2, one fan called for Nebraska to go for it rather than kicking a field goal: "Just give it to Ameer — they haven't been able to stop him yet."