They said it: “I wouldn’t call it fun, because some people get scared. But we’re kind of used to it. It’s almost a habit since we do it week in and week out. We all believe in each other, so we go out and do it again.” — Cornerback Ciante Evans on Husker comebacks

You make the call: Add another chapter in on-field/poll controversy involving Nebraska-Penn State. Was it a touchdown or a fumble? You know the play. Seeing it live, I thought fumble. Seeing it on replay, I thought touchdown. Enough evidence to overturn it? I understand why they didn’t, because it was so close and sometimes the camera isn’t right on the goal line. I would have called it a touchdown if it were my call. But the men who counted said fumble. Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin obviously disagreed, retweeting video of the play right after the game. Another Husker fan tweeted me after the game saying it was a fumble but also karma. For 1982.

Conspiracy talk: I think one reporter went a little overboard when he asked Penn State coach Bill O’Brien if there is a conspiracy theory that the Big Ten is trying to make Penn State lose. For the record, O’Brien didn’t run with that. “We don’t feel like anyone is out to get us,” he said.

You’d be booking tickets to Indy already if … Northwestern doesn’t dribble it down its chin in the final seconds against Michigan. Some Husker fans might be booking tickets even so. Penn State was clearly the toughest remaining obstacle in Nebraska’s path. As Bo Pelini said: “That’s four down. We’ve got two more to go.”

You want to see confusion?: You should see the faces of out-of-towners when they serve chili and cinnamon rolls in the press box, as they did Saturday. This is obviously a Nebraska thing. And as a native Nebraskan, I’m proud of this. Because, one thing I never hear are any of those out-of-towners complaining after they put away that chili-and-cinnamon goodness.

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