Penn State vs. Nebraska, 11.10.12

Nebraska linebacker Will Compton (51) celebrates after recovering a first-quarter Penn State fumble at Memorial Stadium, Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012.

He’s the quarterback of the defense, a senior linebacker who would like nothing more than a championship run during his final season as a Husker. During the journey, Will Compton takes some time to give his thoughts on whatever topics come to mind. This week, a little reflection is in order with Senior Day before Compton and 28 of his friends:

"Several of us were just talking about being back at Selleck (as freshmen). That's the dormitory we were staying in. We became close pretty fast. A bunch of different cultures, but we all became friends quick. We were just kind of reminiscing on the fun times we had there. That year we were the first class that came in with Coach Bo. We talked about in four or five years what it'd be like when we were seniors. Fortunately, we're in a driver's seat type place right now. We have to finish the year off, but we want to make it a memorable one.

(About almost playing as a true freshman, when Bo Pelini told him to get warm against Virginia Tech)

"I was like a deer in headlights. I was nervous. I was caught off guard. I think Phil (Dillard) blew a coverage. I think they took the lead. Coach Bo turned to Coach Ek (Mike Ekeler) and was like, 'Get Will ready.' And they were both walking fast-paced just ticked off at what happened. So Coach Ek was like, 'Will, get ready to rock and roll.' I was like, 'Oh, my gosh,' pacing back and forth and moving around. It ended up they didn't pull my redshirt. Nothing else was said to me the rest of the game. They stuck with Phil.

(On the last Tunnel Walk)

"They all joke with me about being sentimental. Because I always bring up our last stuff. Last this, last that. I'm trying to live in every moment I can because it's the last year we're all going to have together. ... I say I'm not going to get emotional when that happens, but we'll see what happens."

(Are you one of the peacemakers on the sideline when it gets heated?)

"Sometimes I might be bickering or in an argument. Other times I could be the peacemaker. It just depends. You get a lot of different things with us. But we're all close and we all have each other's backs."

(Does Pelini ask players for more feedback this year than in the past?)

"It was never a player takeover type of deal, but he wanted our feedback on things. He always wants to get better. I think he has gotten better each and every year. I think he's matured, especially on the sideline. I know some people might not see that, but he really has. He's just grown as a head coach over the years."

(What will he remember most about gamedays in Lincoln?)

"The fans, the tunnel walk, the pregame speeches with Coach Bo. The sideline conversations. Everything. I can think of a bunch of stuff. I'll remember it all forever."

-Compiled by Brian Christopherson

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