BCS Championship Florida Football

The Florida Gators mascot Albert might kiss a baby gator, but there's no puckering up for the rival Georgia Bulldogs.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Anyone in the South knows Bulldogs don’t like Gators and Gators don’t like Bulldogs.

Not usually.

So what about now, when Georgia is playing a football game in Gator country? There are plenty of Florida grads and fans around the area, after all.

And they won't soon forget the Bulldogs handed their team its only loss of the season.

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray was asked Saturday if he thinks the Gator fans will be in his corner.

“I definitely feel as a whole, the SEC is pretty supportive (of each other),” he said. “I know we look at ourselves probably … obviously, I think we are the most dominant conference in the country. I know I’m supporting all the other SEC schools. And when we talk as a team, we don’t only want to win this game but (to) prove that the SEC is the best conference in the country.”

Georgia is expected to have a significant fan advantage at Tuesday's Capital One Bowl. The school's campus in Athens is about a 7½-hour drive from Orlando. And Nebraska fans, facing high travel costs and smarting from their team’s Big Ten Championship Game loss, did not gobble up tickets at a high rate.

But, apparently, there’s at least a few locals who will jump ship from the SEC to root against their rivals from Georgia.

“I don’t know how fully how much support we’ll get, but since we’ve been down here, we’ve already had a few people walk up to us and say, ‘Hope you beat Georgia,'” Nebraska senior linebacker Will Compton said. “How much support we get, I don’t know. But we’re just ready to play on Tuesday.”

A one-person poll was conducted by the Journal Star in the lobby of the media hotel. A woman with a Gator backpack was asked if she was for Georgia.

“Never, ever,” she said.

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