Casey Preston is a smart teenage girl.

She didn’t construct her Nebraska gameday sign out of red-and-white material.

Instead, she chose bright, pastel colors — something that would stick out for everyone in a crowd of 85,290 red people, to see.

Well, not so much everyone, as much as one person in particular.

Taylor Martinez.

Martinez, the starting Nebraska quarterback, turned 22 years old on Saturday.

And Casey, a 13-year-old from Bennett, knew this because, well, she’s a big Martinez fan, and big fans are supposed to know such trivial items as birthdays.

Oh, and did I mention Casey’s birthday is only two days later?

She received her present earlier this week: tickets to a Nebraska football game on Martinez’s birthday.

Casey and her mother had seats in South Stadium but stood behind the fence on the west sideline, near the players’ entrance, during pregame activities.

There, Casey held her sign — not particularly large, but certainly colorful enough to stand out.

“HAPPY B-DAY T-MAGIC,” with a “GBR 3” in the corner. All in purple, pink, green, blue and yellow lettering.

Did Martinez see it?

“I think so,” Casey said. “Hopefully.”

Casey said she’s been a Martinez fan since she first saw him play as a freshman, and was able to meet Martinez at the last two Fan Days in the fall.

“It was unbelievable,” she said. “He just wanted to talk. He was really nice.”

The sign was something of a last-minute idea. Casey spent about 20 to 30 minutes on it Friday night, after she performed in the band at her high school’s football game.

No Vitto

I wrote two weeks ago that Vitto Brown wore red on his Nebraska basketball recruiting visit as he stood on the sidelines before Nebraska’s first football game.

Maybe it was the wrong kind of red.

Multiple media outlets in Wisconsin were reporting Saturday that Brown, a 6-foot-9 forward from Bowling Green, Ohio, had given his oral commitment to Wisconsin on Friday.

Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles had no official visitors Saturday, but look for others later this fall.

Going deep

* Shouldn’t Rex Burkhead have been holding that Superman sign on the Nebraska sideline that was helping signal in plays for the defense?

* Whoever called in the Elk Creek football score Friday night (a fictional 24-12 victory over HTRS) goofed. Elk Creek is supposed to play Barneston in the annual game between schools that no longer exist.

* Color me tired of hurry-up offenses. Literally, they make me tired.

* You didn’t think the balloons would really go away, did you?

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