The Huskers obviously made their share during halftime of Saturday's 34-27 comeback thriller over Ohio State.

One that may have gone unnoticed to the untrained football eye? Nebraska altered its blocking scheme heading into the second half down by two touchdowns.

"It was more man blocking and more gap blocking and no zone blocking other than the little fullback plays to Rex (Burkhead) when he was playing fullback," said offensive line coach Barney Cotton.

Cotton could tell early on in the second half his linemen were really responding well to the change.

"We ran some plays out of formations we really didn't even have in," Cotton said. "We went into the game thinking some plays were going to be good and they weren't. And so we kind of switched things and tried to pin guys rather than zone (block) guys."

Ohio State players recognized Nebraska's change. They just couldn't figure out how to stop it.

"They outschemed us," said Ohio State safety Tyler Moeller. "They changed up their play style a little bit and we weren't in the right gaps."

First half: Nebraska rushed the ball just 19 times for 37 yards.

Second half: 32 rushes for 195 yards.

One of the sets, in particular, that the Huskers had a lot of success in was their "30 personnel" package, in which three backs are in the backfield next to Taylor Martinez in what resembles a diamond formation.

It was that formation that was in use when Martinez scooted 18 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter to start Nebraska's march to 28 unanswered points.

"You never really know how somebody is going to play those sets until you line up in it," Cotton said. "It worked out that our guys identified the defense, they put the hats on the right guys and that gave us a real spark."

Cotton said he was proud of his group. As he ran from the coaches' box he shouted: "That's Nebraska football!"

"I hope we realize we got to play with great effort and great physicality. We know we can be good, but we also know that we're not very good if we're not playing that way," Cotton said. "So if nothing else, I just hope that we take away ... that if you keep banging on somebody enough that something good is going to happen by the end of the game. Because I think our guys showed that they're in pretty good condition too. Because they won that battle at the end of the game."

End it on the field: Nothing pleases an offensive line coach more than a clock-killing drive at the end of the game.

Nebraska got that done Saturday night, killing the last 4:02 off the clock by picking up three first downs.

All of it came on the ground. After the third first down, the Huskers were able to take a knee and celebrate.

"That's an offensive lineman's dream and a line coach's dream to have your guys finish on the field," Cotton said. "We call it ‘Victory' formation, but when on my game plan it always says BPIF. The kneel-down play is the Best Play In Football. That's what I always say."

Quotes on the run: "We've been saying it a lot throughout the course of the first five games of the season that we are a pretty young group at certain positions, and we were waiting for the opportunity to grow up. And I think in a lot of ways we matured tonight." -defensive line coach John Papuchis

"I think as long as we keep playing fast ... you can wear teams down. And I think they got a little tired, and I think we can always catch up because we're able to play fast and make some plays." -offensive coordinator Tim Beck

"We had that ball-hawking mentality and that's something we really went over in practice - being aggressive. Coach Carl (Pelini) was preaching that the whole week. ... He hasn't seen that swagger. So that's what we tried to do: Have that swagger, attack the football and get after it." -senior linebacker Lavonte David.

This and that: The Huskers had 232 rushing yards Saturday. Nebraska is now 15-0 the past two seasons when it has more than 200 yards on the ground. ... Martinez now has 4,195 yards in total offense in his career, eclipsing the 4,000-yard mark in his 19th game played. He tied former Husker quarterbacks Zac Taylor and Joe Ganz as the players fastest to reach that plateau. ... Rex Burkhead's five receptions for 59 yards on Saturday were both career highs. ... Ameer Abdullah had a 35-yard return in the first quarter against Ohio State. He now has more than seven kickoff returns of more than 30 yards this season.

Looking ahead: It's a bye week before the Oct. 22 trip to Minnesota. Because of the bye, the Huskers will not hold the weekly press conference Monday.

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