Here are what a few people had to say about Nebraska's 56-17 victory against Western Illinois as they left Memorial Stadium on Saturday night:

Jerrad Karr, Topeka, Kan.: "This was the first time in about four years that we looked like we were really prepared for a game — and I was impressed. The problems we had are fixable — the turnovers and getting a little more precise on special teams — if we do that we'll be fine and very competitive in the (Big 12) North (Division). The most impressive thing was that we ended up with more rushing yards than passing yards at the end of the game — I think that'll make a few people smile. I think the defense was what most people expected — and at the start of the second half when you're up 40 points it's pretty tough to keep your poise. For once,  the team we were supposed to beat bad we did, and it looked good. It wasn't like Iowa State last year where we scored 21 points in the first quarter and that was it — we kept taking it to them and I think that's something we haven't seen in a long time. Honestly, I think whoever it is, Missouri or whoever, we're competitive. If we get beat this year it's not because we got outcoached, it's because we don't have the talent, plain and simple."

Dave Lafave, Omaha: "I thought (Joe) Dailey looked awesome and crisp. Joe Dailey looks like Tommie Frazier did his senior year as a sophomore. Compared to last year, they looked pretty darn good. They looked like a team that came out to play. They didn't care who was in front of them, they said 'Let's go for it.' It was great to see them pump faking and going for it — and they connected on it. The defense still looked like the Blackshirts."

Bruce Houchin, Strang: "This offense is definitely different than what we're accustomed to. The crowd was really excited to see what the new offense looked like. I like the offense as long as they don't forget to run the ball well. It's great to see them distribute the ball around a little bit — with (Matt) Herian and the other receivers getting the ball. I think (Coach) Callahan is a very personable guy. I've always taken my boys down to the 'Tunnel Walk' before and after the game. I don't know, he just makes so much more eye contact and is so much more personable. He put his hand out and gave the boys some 'skin.' He's serious about Nebraska football, but he's got a nice personality, too."

Dr. Al Gold, Western Illinois President: "The fans here are fantastic, very gracious and welcoming. Everyone's been so wonderful to us — as we left the game the fans were so gracious to our players and our coaches. We've had a great experience here. I thought we played much stronger in the second half and I think our team showed a lot of heart and we should have a great season. We're excited we got to play a powerhouse like Nebraska and be a part of this exciting game for this historic program."

Adam Sidlo, Hastings: "The team looked good other than a few turnovers on special teams. I was excited to see how the new offense was going to work. Wow, (Matt) Herian looked good — he was running sharp routes and I think if he keeps it up he'll have a stellar year."

Jim Bogatz, Omaha: "I was impressed with the offense in the first quarter. Seeing no backfield out there was quite a surprise. Getting back to the ol' passing game was nice to see. I know quite a few of the players on the team and they say our special teams need a lot of work, and I agree, but they'll improve."

— Brent C. Wagner