Tony Essay, Alliance: “I think we will be ready for USC. It’s going to be a tougher challenge, but our front seven will get some pressure to relieve the pressure from the defensive backfield.”

Jimmy Essay, Alliance: “Honest to god, we’ve got such a great running game this year that I think we can keep the ball and pull off a win late in the game. That Zac Taylor has ice water running through his veins.”

Justin Dietrich, Lincoln: “We’re going to be gravy until USC starts playing us deep because Zac Taylor can’t pick apart the deep coverage. We should have (Nate) Swift run a quick route and he’ll be open every time.”

Will Hood, Lincoln: “It is all up to our defense because Zac Taylor is going to pick the Trojans apart left and right. He is extremely poised in the pocket. It is going to be a close game. Nebraska will pull it out at the end.”

Jamie Stoll, Lincoln: “USC is highly rated. We’ve played Nicholls and (Louisiana) Tech. That isn’t even close. It’s going to be a lot tougher, and I’m not sure if we can stop their offense.”