MADISON, Wis. — I couldn't believe the number of people out and about on State Street on Friday night.

I think I even saw someone in a Wisconsin shirt.

Yes, as predicted, Husker fans overtook the Wisconsin capital city for their football team's first game in the Big Ten Conference.

Most, but not all, listened to their athletic director's plea to wear black.

Herbie Husker was in black. One woman in a group of Husker fans donning black wore a black sweatshirt with the word "AUSTIN" in block letters across the front.

Hey, whatever works.

Others — either not aware of Tom Osborne's note about black or choosing to stick with tradition — wore their regular red garb.

That made it difficult to tell exactly how many Nebraska fans made it into Camp Randall Stadium for the game. There were black spots all over the stadium, save for the student section.

But this much is certain — they were definitely all over Madison.

I imagine some of those arriving in town for the National 4-H Dairy Conference probably didn't sign up for this.

Mad rush

I made the mistake of leaving the press box at about 6 p.m. to head right outside the stadium for a scheduled interview with a television station.

It took about a half-hour to get back upstairs.

What was interesting was seeing thousands of fans packed shoulder to shoulder on the concourses inside the stadium, because, when I finally emerged from the pack and made it inside, I couldn't see an empty seat.

Where was everyone going?

The highlight of my trip back: The trio of Wisconsin guys high-fiving Nebraska fans as they walked by, saying, "Welcome to the Big Ten!"

It was considerably nicer than what some of the students were yelling.

Going deep

*Last I heard, Wisconsin had issued 523 media credentials, including 95 for Nebraska media members, for this game. That compares with 541 issued for last year's game against No. 1 Ohio State.

*Speaking of media credentials, ESPN was issuing them to reporters wanting to talk to the "College GameDay" crew. Media granting media access to talk to media?

*Enjoyed listening to Bob Uecker's radio broadcast of the Brewers' game during our drive to the stadium. Time to watch "Major League" again.

*Impressions of Madison: Vibrant, collegiate, fun, friendly. But could've used a few more cabs circulating Friday night.

*Color me tired of needless reviews of obvious plays. See: Rex Burkhead's touchdown in the second quarter.

*The perfect pregame media meal for Nebraska-Wisconsin: Popcorn and brats.

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