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For years, Nora Barler lived by the fan. Literally: Barler had a fan on a stand in her office, plus a desk fan. Her bedroom was a chilly bunker, complete with central A/C, a window unit A/C, a ceiling fan and a bedside fan. Sometimes, even the fans weren’t enough. “I’d go get the blue ice packs from the freezer,” Barler says, “and sleep with those. I know it sounds over-the-top, but that’s how it was.”

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Gambling exists in every state, even Hawaii and Utah, where gambling is prohibited by law. But not all gamblers are the same. “Recreational” or “social” gamblers, for instance, buy the occasional lottery ticket, take the rare casino trip or bet small stakes in fantasy sports. But they also are mentally able to quit at any point and prevent catastrophic financial loss.

You may have heard melasma referred to as "the mask of pregnancy," because it is sometimes triggered by an increase in hormones in pregnant women. But while the condition may be common among pregnant women, you don't have to be pregnant to experience melasma.

A look at the outbreak with 1,220 confirmed and probable cases, including 772 deaths, since it was declared on Aug. 1. It has become the second-deadliest in history, behind the West African one from 2014-16 that killed more than 11,300 people.