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While your natural instinct might be to cut your hole in the top of your pumpkin, apparently we’ve all been doing it wrong. TikTok creator @lidsayroggenbuck shows how cutting the hole on the bottom keeps more of the moisture in your pumpkin for longer and makes the seeds easier to remove.

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As with cooking a good piece of Wagyu beef, sometimes all you need to do is not mess it up. Whole Foods did a good job here — they didn't mess it up. This has good tomato flavor, is not too sweet and has a fairly loose texture. There are some seeds and skin here, which makes for an active eating experience. Fun fact: Jeff Bezos personally prepares and taste-tests every batch of Whole Foods marinara! (Editor's note: This is false.)

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A good sauce, but a little sweet. What made this stand out, though, is the preponderance of tomato seeds and skins in the mix (due, I imagine, to the inclusion of cherry tomatoes).

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TikTok creator and avid gardener Brenda of @ggthegardengirl shares this genius hack that will save you a few bucks on a seed sowing tool. Instead of buying something new, use a stick from your yard and mark off common seed depth measurements using a ruler and a pen.

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PlantTok creator Moria Cosgrove (@cosgrome) is known for her indoor gardening advice. Here, she shows you the first step to growing your own orange tree at home using seeds from store bought fruit.

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If the idea of waiting months or years to grow your own food seems a little daunting, Shelley of @plantcentric show you just how fast growing your own food can be. In this TikTok video, she turns alfalfa seeds into fresh, crisp sprouts that are perfect for soups, salads, and sandwiches in just three to five days.

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A good diet for pet birds includes seeds and pellets, but there’s a naturally occurring delicacy that most birds are ravenous for: sprouted seeds.

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