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Sarah Browning

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Foresters and nursery staffers now know that if a tree's root system is buried too deeply in the soil overall root growth is reduced, and tree health, for the rest of that tree's life, is compromised.

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The issue develops when young trees are grown in smooth plastic containers. Young roots grow quickly, and when a root touches the side of a smooth pot it turns aside and begins to circle around the outside of the root ball. 

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Fall's cooler temperatures and increased rain allow trees to establish their root systems quickly, giving them a jump-start on spring growth. Tree root growth continues late in fall, until soil temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

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Why not make use of today's abundance of landscape waste instead of piling it into bags and hauling it off to the landfill? You can easily turn it into nutrient-rich compost to use in your gardens next year. 

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