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Air-drying your laundry can extend the life of your delicates and it’s more environmentally friendly. But not everyone has room for a huge air-drying laundry rack. That’s where this hack using an old hanger from @5.minute.recycle comes in.

The before and after on this meditation room makeover is amazing. The cluttered storage room in @jesslaurenvlogs’s home was stuffed with boxes making it the exact opposite of calming. Now, soothing neutrals and a minimalist look make it the perfect space to unwind.

This column has been laying in the weeds of my head for months. Every now and then it pops its head up. Yesterday was one of those days, when once again my lovely wife had to get out of the car before I could pull it into the garage. Luckily it wasn’t pouring down rain.

Sure, the ever-functional bathroom is sometimes swept aside in favor of decorating more grandiose rooms. But your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! It’s the little details that count, so we’ve rounded up seven easy DIY updates for every part of the room, from the walls down to the bottom of your vanity. They’re also inexpensive and quick — you can complete some of these projects in a day. Dust off your tools this weekend and make your bathroom look its best.

The warmth of natural wood trim is the finishing detail that outlines windows and doors and adds distinction to a room. Whether furnishings are stark contemporary or tried-and-true traditional, any furniture style is complemented by wood trim, and white oak is one of the most popular choices. If you’ re remodeling, a sure way to tie an addition to the existing...

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VW’s first EV is under its ID sub-brand. Smaller than a Tiguan, but boasting more interior space, the ID.4 crossover has room for five and 30 cubic feet of stuff. With 201 horsepower, and 250 miles of range, it recharges up to 80 percent in 38 minutes. Prices start at $39,995.

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You don't need to fix anything here. Six nominations? That's beautiful. We've got a little assignment for you, though. You get up early, right? Get some hot coffee, maybe a doughnut (vegan's OK), go to a quiet room and just sit. And write. It doesn't matter what you write, how you write or what you write about, though it'd be nice if maybe you'd reflect on "Sound of Metal" and how it conveyed a few things we all went through and learned during this past year. And then remember those thoughts when you fill out your ballot.

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Your home should reflect your personal style. If you are using furniture that was passed down to you, make it your own by painting it a new color or swapping out hardware such as drawer pulls. Don’t let sentimentality bully you into keeping items that are just not you. If a hand-me-down isn’t working for you, let it go, and make room for a piece that you really love.

If you’re planning to refresh the paint in your living room or swipe on a new hue in the kitchen, you may be thinking about tackling the project yourself. However, before you pull on overalls and pick up a paintbrush, consider the factors below to help you decide whether or not to call in the pros.

Old dark paneling can be renewed with a facelift that’ s a lot easier than tearing out the paneling and installing new wallboard, woodwork and trim. Don’ t remove the paneling; refresh it with a faster and more affordable transformation, using paint and glaze to create a colorful alternative. The project involves several processes, including cleaning, sanding,...

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Consider the unexpected like a mirror that is antique or ornate. Antique mirrors hung as a pair help to create drama and elegance in this parlor room.

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