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A National Geographic photographer's discovery at the Audubon Center's Spring Creek Prairie near Denton has caused a considerable buzz among e…

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"Fierce Queens": One of the odder shows has a ferociously upbeat Reese Witherspoon narrating nature documentaries, with a twist. She focuses on female animals and seems to try to have them offer lessons of empowerment. The first episode focuses on sister cheetahs. "It's tough being a teenage cheetah," she says, calling the two big cat sister "gutsy girls." Then we watch the cheetahs stalk and brutally kill an impala. "Getting that belief in yourself and gaining confidence, that's what growing up is all about," a chirpy Witherspoon says. "Walk tall, fierce queens." The second episode deals with ant queens and loses its way quickly, with Witherspoon awkwardly highlighting the violent queen's reproductive power. The footage is from the BBC and it is stunning, even if it shows a limit to holding the camera vertically.

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The swarms of desert locusts hang like shimmering dark clouds on the horizon as they scour the countryside in what are already some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, including Somalia. Roughly the length of a finger, the whirring insects in huge numbers have destroyed hundreds of square kilometers (miles) of vegetation and forced people in some areas to bodily wade through them.

Summer is a beautiful time of year to be outside, but all those long walks with Fido might eventually lead to a horrifying discovery—finding fleas jumping around on your couch or carpet. If your dog brings home fleas this year, don’t panic. Just follow these steps to banish them from your home:

Keeping bugs at bay during your backyard summer parties usually involves mosquito repellent coils, plastic lanterns, and plenty of spray, but there is a way to keep mosquitoes away while adding to your patio decor instead of detracting from it. These pretty citronella candle tins repel pesky mosquitoes in style.

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