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Jeffrey Dean Morgan maintained his hitting streak as "The Walking Dead" returned in February with him back as arch-villain Negan, a grinning, swaggering brute whose non-regulation barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille scored one hit after another against Rick Grimes (series star Andrew Lincoln) and the good guys he led. The first half of Season 7 in fall 2016, however, proved too brutal even for some fans, and viewership of the perennially popular AMC show waned when the series came last winter, maybe as a result.

Don’t have enough space for a large unit? A bench and a few hooks will work wonders — you’ll have a spot to sit and change your shoes as well as a place for coats, scarves and backpacks. Add baskets beneath the bench to provide a home for wayward items like hats or flip-flops. You could even stash a tennis racquet or baseball bat behind the baskets.

Brad Robinson installs a new customized mailbox for his grandfather, Hubert Fox on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Fox has replaced his mailbox 18 tim…

Hubert Fox has replaced his mailbox 18 times since moving to his home in Raymond in 1984. He said troublemakers come home from the bars trying…