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Did you know plants reduce stress and anxiety? Plus, they smell and look good. Sometimes, we can tend to view them as fairly nonessential and only really necessary for special occasions. Consider Treat Yo’ Self that special occasion. Order yourself a bouquet, and send yourself a lovely line of encouragement.

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Will all these newcomers still be in business this time next year?

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Dogs can also develop behavioral changes such as confusion, increased vocalization, anxiety, changes in sleep cycles and house soiling. Older people can develop what we term as “senility.” In dogs, we term that behavior as canine cognitive disorder. This disorder should only be considered when other medical conditions have been ruled out. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian for advice on caring for your senior dog.

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Coronavirus anxiety is no joke. Who hasn't lost more than a little sleep? Enter SleepPhone, a soft headband of fleece or wicking fabric (for e…

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