Minimum sentences for publication, one or more of the following: 60 days’ jail, $1,000 total fine, one year probation or license suspension. Court costs additional to fines. Age and address, if any, from public record. Corrections will be made only if public record was reported incorrectly. District Court judge’s name in parentheses. DUI sentences that include an ignition lock requirement include the notation INTR.


Attempt of a class 1A/1B/1C/1D felony

Blackman, Jason A., 33, transient, 2 to 4 years prison. (Colborn)

Attempt of a class 2A felony

Muhammad, Domaneak, 28, Aurora, Colorado, 2 years probation, $1,000 fine. (Ideus)

Attempt of a class 4 felony

Sparks, Caci R., 21, Lincoln, 60 days jail, 18 months probation. (Otte)

Poorbear, Mikayla L., 30, Lincoln, 90 days jail. (Strong)

Driving while revoked from DUI/refusal

Casillas, Anthony A., 62, Lincoln, 36 months prison, license revoked 15 years, INTR, $500 fine, 2 count. (Ideus)

Operate motor vehicle to avoid arrest

Sanders, Leon Jr., 36, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $1,000 fine. (Ideus)

Melton, Nicholas R., 36, Lincoln, 24 months probation. Also willful reckless driving. (Strong)

Terroristic threats

Carter, Deigo Jr., 17, Lincoln, 60 months prison. Also 2 counts of attempt of a class 2A felony. (Strong)

Theft by shoplifting $0 to $500

Hoffman, Tiffany R., 39, Ashland, 390 days prison. Also misdemeanor false reporting. (Colborn)

Unlawful acts by any person RE: inmate

Cutshall, Jami L., 34, Grand Island, 60 days jail, 2 years probation. (Maret)

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