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Greenleaf Properties


300 North 44th Street
Suite 112
Lincoln, NE 68503
Last Updated: September 17, 2018


Welcome to Greenleaf Properties!

Greenleaf Properties has been helping Lincoln grow since 1970 by growing businesses, expanding communities and securing futures. Greenleaf Properties is a full-service commercial real estate and property management firm in Lincoln that serves clients throughout the area. Greenleaf Properties helps each client achieve their real estate goals with strategies tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

The many long-term relationships that our professionals have maintained are the direct result of being in the Lincoln real estate market for 43 years. As well as having a strong commitment to serving all of our clients on an individual basis, we have the experience and dedication to handle all your commercial realty needs - small or large.

Locally owned and operated, Greenleaf Properties is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating. We primarily service a 30-mile radius around Lincoln and are in the business of working with you to help you accomplish your goals. Those goals come in many forms from finding a larger space for your growing company to simply finding a new company to help represent your real estate interests. Whatever your goals are, Greenleaf Properties is the company that can help you achieve them. Greenleaf Properties is the only commercial real estate company in Lincoln to have a designated local researcher who provides comprehensive and verified detailed market analysis.

Located at 300 North 44th Street, Suite 112 in Lincoln, you can contact us at (402) 467-2525. You also can visit our website at or like us on Facebook at You can even email us at: or fax us at (402) 467-1099.



Helping You Grow: Your Future

Are you looking at buying commercial real estate? Make sure that you’re making an educated decision when entering the commercial real estate market or expanding your commercial holdings. The expert Brokers at Greenleaf Properties can help you grow your portfolio in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible by utilizing industry-leading resources and decades of personal experience. When it comes time to make decisions regarding commercial real estate, let the experts do what they do best. Hiring a broker can give you some advantages when seeking out a new property.

Brokers can:

- Be a sounding board to help you stay unemotional and base your decisions on facts

- Use contacts to seek out properties that might not yet be on the market

- Help you get the best sale price


- Determine goals for the business(es) that will go into the space

- Determine your goals as the owner and/or landlord

- Assemble a leasing team early, if you plan to lease the space

- Evaluate properties based on location, condition, zoning, covenants, parking and possibility of expansion

- Sign a contract and complete due diligence; re-evaluate your goals and run the numbers

- Secure financing; consider all the financing options

Some other factors to consider: laying the groundwork

- Get approvals before you commit to the project

- Ask for referrals of architects that other people have had solid experience with. Choose a firm that knows your industry, so they can build what your tenants need.

- Ask about special zoning requirements—you can ask for variances

- Ask if permits or architectural drawings are required if you modify the building

- Find out if there are code violations or outstanding liens, utility bills or taxes on the property

No matter if you’re an experienced real estate investor with a deep and diverse portfolio, or someone looking to buy your first commercial property, the brokers of Greenleaf Properties can ensure that you get the solutions you need and that the transactions go as smoothly as possible.


Helping You Grow: Your Community

The selling experience can be a complex process that can require a large time commitment, negotiation skills, navigating possible personality conflicts and an unwavering focus on getting a good deal. During this process, relationships can make all the difference. The team of brokers at Greenleaf Properties have more than 100 years of combined experience in the Lincoln commercial real estate market and we put that experience to work for our clients every day.

If you’re looking at selling a commercial property, let a Greenleaf Properties broker help you get the most value from a sale. Our process makes sure that you get value from a sale and that all of the relevant factors are considered.



- Analyze your goals for selling and get advice

- Create marketing materials

- Find, contact, interview qualified buyers

- Get a signed confidentiality agreement, then share details of the property and marketing materials with buyers

- Assist with buyer’s due diligence, including inspections

- Negotiate with buyer and bankers

- Prepare relevant sale documents, such as the buyer’s Waiver of Contingencies with your attorney

- Complete closing




Helping You Grow: Your Business

Why would you hire a commercial real estate broker? To save time and money. You have a business to run. Helping clients find the right real estate solution is our business. Our brokers can help you save you time and money.


In its most basic context, the professional commercial real estate broker should:

- Drive economic value to the transaction

- Provide a dependable solution

- Free up your time

At Greenleaf Properties, we have made it a priority to ensure that our clients find the best options for their unique needs. We’ve invested in tools that are specific to the commercial real estate industry. Our tools are designed to benefit our clients by increasing the efficiency of the leasing process. We use multiple leading resources, several of which are unique to Greenleaf in the Lincoln market. These tools give us more, and better information, which allows us to make sure that you get the most for your time and money.




Helping You Grow: Your Future

Greenleaf Properties employs a dedicated team of professionals who oversee every detail of asset and facilities management for property owners. With more than 50 years of collective experience, our property management team delivers excellent service to both owners and tenants with the goal of achieving 100% satisfaction. Higher tenant satisfaction directly correlates with lower turnover rates and lower vacancy rates. Overall tenant satisfaction combined with close attention to the reduction of operating expenses and capital expenses, keeps the asset competitive in the marketplace and increases the value of the asset for owners. Delivering this total package of service to an owner, increasing the value of their investment real estate portfolio, is the sole and highest priority of the property management team at Greenleaf Properties.

The two main components are facility management and asset management. Management of the physical asset is where property management begins. Our staff conducts and oversees several facility management services. Asset and account management covers a wide-range of services, centered on increasing the value of the owner's investment. Greenleaf Properties wants to help you grow through managing all the time consuming details that your property requires.



Interested in learning about the Lincoln market? Numbers play a vital role in telling a larger story and the reliability of that story depends on the numbers being complete and accurate. Greenleaf Properties is the only commercial real estate company in Lincoln to have a designated local researcher who provides comprehensive and verified detailed market analysis. We help you grow by being able to make better business decisions based on accurate statistics.


Market Reports

Bi-annual reports with comprehensive data covering the last six months of activity in regards to several sectors including: retail, office, industrial, investments and property management. You’ll find information covering indicators like vacancy rates, average asking rates, and net absorption rates.


Market Snapshots

A snapshot is the state of the city at a particular point in time, told through current events significant to commercial real estate with in the city of Lincoln. Snapshots provide insight into current happenings and future events.


Call us today at (402) 467-2525 so that we can help you grow!

Greenleaf Properties

300 North 44th Street
Suite 112
Lincoln, NE 68503

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